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Right Understanding and Right Effort:

Scriptural Verses from the Yoga Vasishtha

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I am so very grateful for this verse and the awareness it gives me of the four gatekeepers to “the realm of freedom.” 

Recently, while I was meditating, I heard a voice from within saying, with great enthusiasm, "Moksha! Moksha! Moksha!" over and over again. Since that meditation, I have thought about the moksha, the freedom, that I feel but have been unsure about how to maintain. This verse gives me guidance on what I need to do to sustain my experience of freedom, as well as an understanding on how to attain moksha. It gives me so much to contemplate, study, and remember throughout my daily life.

California, United States

This verse is an answer to a prayer I created yesterday for guidance in developing discernment and releasing anxiety about the future! It clearly spells out the steps I can take to become free from fear and disturbing thoughts.
I see that I can exercise self-control in the moment when I’m aware of such thoughts and feelings. I can invoke the spirit of inquiry and gain insight as I ask myself questions about my internal world. I can practice contentment and trust the grace of the Guru, knowing this is ever-present. And I can be in the good company of other seekers and the spiritual practices that help me maintain my focus on God.
I’m so grateful for this guidance!

North Carolina, USA

I am so grateful to know of these gatekeepers. I have a sense that they live within me, and that through the Guru's grace and my self-effort, they will emerge, shine, and grow in strength.
What a great destiny!

California, USA

This teaching about the four gatekeepers feels very supportive for my sadhana. I wanted to remember each of the gatekeepers throughout my day, so I internally asked Gurumayi, Baba, Bade Baba, and Lord Shiva to each remind me of a specific gatekeeper. Then I brought my focus to these four examples of liberation and the gatekeeper that each represented to me throughout the day yesterday.
After starting my day by reciting Shri Guru Gita, I entered a wonderful state of profound gratitude and stillness of mind. Then, with the support of the gatekeepers—and their representatives—I stayed in a wonderful state of identification with the Self throughout the day!

New York, USA

This scriptural verse from the Yoga Vasishtha enriched my comprehension of “Right Understanding and Right Effort.” It helped me realize that the path to liberation is not a lofty, far-fetched idea, but it is within my reach, and the effort is in my own hands.
The gatekeepers named in this verse suggested to me specific, practical efforts I could make. And, they reassured me that if I make the right effort—and remain open to Guru's grace—I can experience the Truth.

Mumbai, India

To think of sage Vasishta imparting this teaching to such a great being as Lord Rama reminds me of the amazing good company we have on the Siddha Yoga path. I feel so fortunate to be in this company.
Gurumayi, the best good company I could imagine, exemplifies all the gatekeepers for me. I sense her standing by, encouraging me in countless, creative ways to embody these gatekeepers myself, so that one day I too can enter “the realm of freedom.”
This teaching inspires me to continue to pay close attention to the guidance I receive through Gurumayi’s inner companionship and outer presence—through her good company.

Ohio, USA