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Right Understanding and Right Effort:

Scriptural Verses from the Yoga Vasishtha

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I have been reading these verses from the Yoga Vasishtha again and again. One night, I decided to approach a situation in my life equipped with “the spirit of inquiry.” 
I sat in my meditation place, closed my eyes, and allowed feelings I had been pushing down to rise in my consciousness. At first it was uncomfortable. But as I let myself be with these feelings, gently and curiously inquiring into their origin and essence, they began to dissipate, like clouds evaporating in a breeze.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for offering these sacred verses by which I can heal and grow.

California, USA.

The Yoga Vasishtha has been my study and contemplation companion for the last two years. Although there are times when I find it challenging to understand, I still find its teachings to be nectar for my soul.
When the Siddha Yoga path website pointed us to specific verses to shed light on the glory of satsang, I felt Gurumayi’s divine hand of grace helping me to grasp them.
I came to the understanding that I am the company that I seek. For me, now, this is an underlying principle of satsang.

San Felipe, Mexico

I now realize that I inadvertently experienced each of the four gatekeepers today in the face of some uneasy feelings. I practiced self-control by performing my morning practices and taking refuge in the Guru; satsang by chanting and meditating; and self-inquiry by wondering what would happen if I focused on the space between my breaths.
I was filled with delight and contentment.
I gained contentment from the answer to a question that I had been wrestling with for a long time. And I experienced an even deeper sense of contentment and security from knowing that I have Gurumayi’s grace and the Siddha Yoga practices to support me through everything in my life.

Maryland, USA

As I read these words towards the close of my workday, I noticed a feeling of relief.
The verse helps me realize that when I engage in satsang and practice inquiry and self-control, I experience the qualities named here—contentment, wisdom, and happiness.
This is loving confirmation for me, as well as encouragement to continue my efforts on the path.

Hurlstone Park, Australia

How encouraging it is to think that if I follow my life’s path with composure and delight—enjoying the company of the Truth along the way—I can attain my supreme goal in this lifetime.
I am filled with gratitude for this beautiful gift, this glimpse of the sacred path to liberation.

Colonia, Uruguay

I have been particularly curious about the spirit of inquiry. As I sat to recite Shri Guru Gita this morning, I invited this gatekeeper into my satsang and asked for insight into a situation I’d been mulling over without much satisfaction. Immediately I received a gem of wisdom about how my approach had been getting in my way. My heart flew open in gratitude. I knew I was in the company of the Truth.
As I recited Shri Guru Gita, every verse came to life for me in a completely unexpected way. I felt that I was imbibing sacred food for my soul.
I see now how the “spirit of inquiry itself is the greatest wisdom.” Simply inquiring was enough to open my heart. 

Kentucky, USA

While I was reading verse #2, the word contentment struck a chord in my heart. I asked myself, “What effort do I need to make to be more firmly established in contentment?”
I envisioned myself crossing the river of daily life, stepping with great focus on the firm stones of grace-filled inner guidance and careful attention to reach the shore. I felt inspired to make this effort and confident that contentment would follow.
What a joyful and rewarding experience!

Genova, Italy