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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2019

An Excerpt from Mystery of the Mind

by Baba Muktananda

The book Mystery of the Mind is available from the Siddha Yoga Bookstore.
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In light of this reminder that the mind is Consciousness, I realized that I must imbue my thoughts and words with joy—the true nature of Consciousness—and maintain this joy in my environment.
Recently, I was crossing my village when I saw some children entering an abandoned house. Aware of the danger in the situation and also of their lack of respect for the property of others, I came to the entrance of the house and called out to the children—but with kindness and not anger. I told them a rock could fall on their heads and that they should not enter others’ homes. Finally, when I told them that there was no treasure to be found in the house, I received the joy of their radiant and smiling faces deep in my heart.

Rodez, France

When I first read this title and subtitle, “The Greatness of the Mind: An Excerpt from Mystery of the Mind, by Baba Muktananda,” I expected to find a lengthy treatise on the mind. So I sat back and got ready to spend a worthy couple of hours on the topic.
Then I clicked. Four slides? Really? Only four? So I clicked again and it turns out that, actually, Baba needed only three lines on slide 3 to explain everything I experience when I try to control my mind. As he writes, “…it is no wonder that the mind cannot be suppressed or controlled by force. Only through understanding and knowledge can the mind be stilled.”
My eternal gratitude to dear Baba for this wisdom!

Mexico City, Mexico

I am feeling tremendous gratitude and awe for the grace that I have been given to know that I am not the thoughts in my mind. Over time I have experienced an increased ability to change my thoughts, to befriend my mind, and to support it in becoming calm.

I am grateful for the gift of shaktipat that has blessed me and guided and supported me to make my mind my friend.

Florida, United States

Meditation—my indispensable practice—is the start for my experiencing a still and harmonious mind. Whenever I can shift into appreciating my mind and remembering that even my mind is a manifestation of divine love, I can feel spaciousness and light. I visualize the thoughts emerging from light, existing in light, and dissolving back into light. Although the thoughts may return, they have less power over me now.

I make the effort to approach my mind with curiosity, and I ask for the grace of Chiti Shakti to help me remember again and again, and to transmute my thoughts into thoughts of light.

I am so grateful to Baba and Gurumayi for giving us so many tools to make tangible the sometimes elusive experience of the mind as pure Consciousness.

Connecticut, United States

Thanks to Baba, I know that chitta, the mind, is a contracted form of Chiti, supreme Consciousness. After my first Shaktipat Intensive, I experienced Chiti manifesting herself as bliss inside myself and in the external world, a bliss which brought an immense feeling of unity and freedom.
In this way I learned that, just as the earth contains iron and other metals which can be purified and made useful through metallurgy, as a human being I possess a gold mine: chitta. Through the transformative process of sadhana, my mind enters the process of purification in the crucible of the heart and becomes more and more aware of its divine nature until it will one day merge into the blissful state of Chiti—the Guru’s state.
As I continue this purification process through actively engaging with Gurumayi’s teachings and the Siddha Yoga practices, I experience that I am protecting and increasing the awareness of joy in my life.

Rodez, France

As I was reading Baba’s teaching, I felt gentle pressure and tingling between my eyebrows and a sense of lightness that seemed to expand through my body. Baba’s words inspired me to turn my attention toward my mind, and as I did so, I noticed that my thoughts were slowing. I observed them with the attitude that they were forms of Consciousness and became curious to explore where they had emerged from. Suddenly, there were no thoughts for me to witness; I saw only a field of scintillating light, which seemed to have unfathomable depth. Even as I write now, I feel I am expressing myself from this inner space!
I am awed by how the Gurus’ words, infused with their shakti, can give us such direct experience of their knowledge.

Freiburg, Germany

By meditating on this teaching, I realized that my mind spontaneously turns inward when I feel love, as if it naturally recognizes its source and its destination. This makes me think that I can't force my mind to turn inward, yet I can give my mind what it's really looking for.

Paris, France