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Season’s Greetings 2019
from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Season's Greetings 2019
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As I watched the appearance of the beautiful rose, I was drawn deep inside my heart, and I felt I was receiving Gurumayi’s blessings through the sweet rain. The delicate petals of the rose reminded me of my virtues, which blossom through Guru's grace. I feel so much love, peace, and serenity.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for making your greeting so alive for me.

St. Bauzille de la Sylve, France

It is wonderful to be able to welcome the new year 2020 with these loving greetings from Gurumayi! I am filled with joy and gratitude at the images of the rose in full bloom, moistened with the shower of grace, and the sun rising over the holy land of Ganeshpuri.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for connecting with us in myriad wonder-filled ways and speaking to us in so many languages of the heart.  

New York, United States

This beautiful rose, so open to holding the nurturing rain on its delicate petals, reminds me of the cycle of nature effortlessly giving and receiving. I think of the grace that showers down on my path as a student of Siddha Yoga, as my heart and mind expand to hold the images, music, teachings— all blessings of Shri Gurumayi.

St. Lazare, Canada

What a sweet experience to see the lens of the heart open onto a shower of love, a rose gift of love, and the sunrise to welcome this season of light.

California, United States

I felt that the rose is reflecting me back to myself and reminding me of my inner perfection. And the rain is washing away all negative ideas and feelings to the contrary. The Truth has already been attained, the healing has already happened. I am inherently perfect as I simultaneously go through the process of becoming That and manifesting the Truth into my life.

Wyoming, United States

Such a beautiful experience of pure love and grace! It inspired this poem in me:
A musical heartbeat,
The thrill of thunder deep inside,
A sparkle of lightning—
As bliss expands and flows,
And rain pours through my heart.
A vast space draws me further in.
Tears of love washing down
And the haunting beauty of Krishna
Appears as a mystical rose.
Keshava sings and steals all thought,
Giving the pure ecstasy of love.

Ludlow, United Kingdom

I eagerly awaited seeing Gurumayi's “Season’s Greetings.” Today I made the time to contemplate the teaching that it holds for me. My heart has been opened so that I may see into the depths and beauty of Truth. I am refreshed by the shower of love that our beloved Gurumayi has graced us with! 

Wisconsin, United States

When I opened the Siddha Yoga path website to receive Gurumayi's Season’s Greetings, I felt I was accepting her tangible prasad. My heart resounded as I saw the rose and remembered the one that Gurumayi gave to us in Sweet Surprise Satsang at the dawn of 2019. Welcoming the rose again now during the last few days of this year, I feel that this gift represents my longing for the Self. The color of the rose reminds me of my deep wish to let go of my ego and embrace serenity.
Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for giving me this light-filled gift to hold throughout my life. 

Bhandara, India

The rose, the rain, and the image of Dakshin Kashi brought me to a place of deep stillness. Listening to the sound of the rain was like listening to heavenly music. I felt as if honey were pouring upon my heart as Gurumayi’s soothing, gentle love.

Mexico City, Mexico

I felt serene as I received Gurumayi’s Season’s Greetings. As I watched the image open gradually, I felt that something was also opening within me. As I continued to watch, I felt my heart resonating and expanding. My heart felt limitless. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this profound heart-opening experience. 

Ahmedabad, India

I love how these “Season’s Greetings” from Gurumayi have seated us right inside the bud of our own rose in the beginning. As we open to the world, an auspicious rain is falling and we see our reflections in the roses all around. I experienced such grace in this moment of knowing I am right where I need to be—always in the palm of Gurumayi's grace.

Colorado, United States

Gurumayi's heart-opening “Season’s Greeting”soothes me. I take from it the profound teaching that I can just be, like the beautiful rose. Watching the tiny heart open to beautiful images and hearing the falling rain give me sweet moments of joy.

North Carolina, United States

I felt so refreshed after experiencing Gurumayi’s holiday greeting. First, I was delighted with the beauty of seeing so many roses together. Then, when the rain fell, I felt its stilling power. And at the end, the words of the  greeting, the twinkling stars, and the bursts of light all felt very lighthearted and free.

New York, United States

I was overjoyed to receive this beautiful gift of such a wonderful rose, showered with what I saw as sweet drops of nectar flowing all around. On this Christmas Eve 2019 I am so thankful to be receiving Gurumayi's grace in this form. What a special surprise from my dearest Guru!

Arizona, United States

It was delightful to open these greetings from the Heart. It fulfilled my longing to connect with Gurumayi's bliss, and the wonderful global Siddha Yoga sangham. Once I was resting in that place of peace, a smile lingered to share with everyone, with gratitude singing forever more.

California, United States

As I was viewing Gurumayi’s beautiful “Season’s Greetings,” I felt like my heart was expanding, with more love flowing freely. I feel lighter.
For me, the teaching is that I should forgive everyone and never hold anything in my heart but love for everyone. 

Pennsylvania, United States

Such a beautiful video of Gurumayi’s “Season's Greetings”! Every time I see this video, it gives me immense joy; it gives me my Guru’s love in the shape of a beautiful rose. At the end, when those hearts were shimmering, I felt as if they were the rays of the sun, coming out in the form of love.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this immense love. I will always keep this beautiful rose in my heart.

Allahabad, India

My heart filled with Gurumayi's greetings to us all. For me, the teaching is to see God in nature, in the beauty of the rose, and in the sweet sound of the rain. The burst in my heart mirrored the bursts of light in her greeting.

Maryland, United States

What an exquisite gift from Gurumayi! Her greeting card is a poetic journey to enter the Heart and see the magnificence of the rose which is dwelling at its center. At first, I was drawn to marvel at the beauty and the magic of Christmas. As I viewed it again, my heart recognized its own splendor, its own grandeur. In such a graceful way do the images show us how our inner nature reflects perfectly the beautiful world we live in.

St.-Charles Borromée, Canada

In Australia, we have been praying for the blessings of rain.

As I viewed Gurumayi’s “Season’s Greetings,” the folding back of the rose-colored elements was like watching a camera shutter slowly open—like a beautiful eye opening, inwards, into the heart. At first I did not know what I was seeing and hearing next. Then I realized—it was the sound of rain, beautiful rain, God's grace pouring out. It felt like my heart was being drenched in love and healing, and that our prayers have been heard.

Thank you, Gurumayi, so very much, for this blessing.

Watson, Australia

Seeing and hearing the rain, which is so much needed in my country, opened my heart as tears flowed in gratitude for Gurumayi's “Season’s Greetings.” I pray that these blessings are felt by all those affected by the bushfires in Australia.

Paddington, Australia

To me, Gurumayi’s “Season’s Greetings” expresses visually what the Siddha Yoga Guru's grace and teachings do for the world—unlocking the heart, the Guru showers blessings and compassion, nourishing our souls, which come alive and blossom to perfection.

New York, United States

Gurumayi’s  “Season's Greetings” made me contemplate how I have honored the rose we all received as a gift from Gurumayi on January 1 of this year. What comes to mind is the transformation I am experiencing through my study and practice of Gurumayi's Message for 2019.

The explosion of the hearts in the “Season's Greetings” matches the joy I feel when my mind  anchors itself in the Heart and I am able to experience love.

New Delhi, India

I awoke in the middle of the night with an inkling that there might be something new on the Siddha Yoga path website! How delighted I was to find Gurumayi's “Season’s Greetings”!
   Petals unfolding. Sweet raindrops within.
      Golden sparkles captivate and delight.
         Sunrise streams great joy across the earth.
            The heart dances within.

The image of the exquisite rose reminds me again and again of  Gurumayi's everlasting love for all of us.

New Mexico, United States

I was delighted to find Gurumayi's “Season’s Greetings” this morning. As the hexagon on this beautiful card opened and expanded, so did my heart. Experiencing the hexagon, the rose, the sound of rainfall, and the rising sun, I was reminded of how much my life has changed for the better since receiving Gurumayi's Message for 2019 on New Year's Day.

North Carolina, United States

I felt wrapped in love and peace experiencing Gurumayi’s “Season’s  Greetings.” It ignited the joy of this season once again in my heart.

Texas, United States

I felt delighted and blessed by Gurumayi’s “Season’s Greetings.”

Beira, Mozambique

I am grateful to Gurumayi for the beautiful rose and for showering her love upon me with this greeting for the holidays.

Yautepec, Mexico