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Festival of Lights

A Gallery in Celebration of Deepavali 2019

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There were so many feelings and words that rose up as I looked at this gallery: luminous, uplifting, filled with energy, divine joy, and love.  

New York, United States

I keep coming back to this gallery. Viewing it gives me the same inner sensation that I experience when I offer arati--energy from my heart, rising and rising!

New York, United States

The Festival of Lights photo gallery is so captivating. Before viewing this gallery, I was experiencing uneasiness. When I took a pause, I knew I wanted to visit the Siddha Yoga path website. Seeing images of light illuminating nature, of devotion and of nourishment, I felt the inner light of joy in my heart and soul! I also experienced a sense of reassurance that the light is forever present. I am filled with gratitude for this path, which has brought so much beauty and grace to my life. 

Wisconsin, United States