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Bouquets From the Earth

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I love the photos here in Bouquets of the Earth because they remind me of the amazing creativity and generosity of nature. When I notice the gardens that nature seems to produce almost as if by accident—so naturally—I feel a spark that transports me directly into my heart.

New York, United States

Whenever I happen to see a bunch of flowering plants in the middle of nowhere, standing tall and colorful, I always stop and admire them and thank Mother Earth for her blessings. Looking at these wonderful pictures, I experience the same  joy and happiness. 
Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for showing me the way to appreciate and offer gratitude and, above all, a way to reconnect with my heart to experience love and happiness. 

Chennai, India

Together, to gather, centered, in the middle
This is where we're going
Staying right here
Centered inside
Centered around
our true Guru

Oslo, Norway

These bountiful, beautiful bouquets immediately brought to my mind the power and beauty of community and my deep appreciation for the Siddha Yoga sangham. As I regarded the colorful flowers, I asked myself what it might mean that in these natural bouquets, the gorgeous flowers are all the same color. I turned within and listened. Into my mind popped a commentary on the importance of a community’s working with the same intention.  
I wholeheartedly welcome these blossoming reminders of community and intention. The bliss of gratitude wells up within me. 

Oregon, United States

Contemplating these beautiful clusters of flowers and leaves led me to reflect upon human nature and community life. I feel it is my very essence to be part of the global Siddha Yoga sangham, which helps me to flourish. I’m very grateful to join the sangham in the Siddha Yoga Universal Hall to receive teachings and engage in practices that help my spiritual life grow and bloom.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

For me, such bouquets of flowers are splashes of color that brighten my day. I often notice them—especially when it is a whole tree in flower—reflecting on how abundant and radiant nature is, and yet, so ephemeral.
Nature is so generous, if I just take the time to stop and look. 

Montreal, Canada

I am grateful for these beautiful photos of “bouquets from the earth.” For me, each flower represents the love and devotion I feel for my Guru.
Thank you, Gurumayi ji!

Chennai, India

These bouquets remind me that God sets forth gifts in every inch of my world. And it does feel that they are all simply for my delight! As I relish these beautiful natural arrangements and let the joy expand through my being, I know this is a blessed means of studying Gurumayi's Message for 2019. 

Adelaide, Australia