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Art Inspired by Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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I'm very grateful for this gallery. I experienced a sense of profoundness in each work of art. In viewing these creative expressions, I felt connected to grace and also to each artist even though we may not know each other personally.

Chennai, India

During a walk around a lake, I observed an unusual cloud formation, shaped like white flames under a beautiful small swan. And on the left, another giant swan with a veil above it. What a fantastic “air show” this was!
I decided to paint this unique natural phenomenon, in honor of Sarasvati, the goddess of the arts and eloquence. After hearing Gurumayi speak of Mahasarasvati in Sweet Surprise 2019, I decided to chant the Shri Mahalakshmyashtakam Stotram every day at home before I begin to paint. What a difference this has made in my paintings: ideas pop up for new paintings, as inspiration comes to my mind without effort!
I have realized what a close connection I have with my Guru, inside and outside. This makes me happier. And I am very grateful to have learned how to let nature communicate directly with my heart.

Pau, France

The Siddha Yogi from Thun received acknowledgment and passed it on with sweet, appreciating words. What a heartwarming practice! I want to pass that kindness on to the Siddha Yogi on the other side of the globe in Leichhardt, Australia, whose swan I see flying straight ahead across the ocean of illusion. The image shows me a clearly directed, one-pointed mind, unaffected by any deflection or distraction.
I imagine and wish that our hamsa-swans, together with all other swans—whether depicted by artists or not—will meet in Om, where many swans who have already reached their goal are waiting with love. This meeting is what I see in the amazingly fine silhouette made by the Siddha Yogi from Woodridge, New York. To me it reflects the subtle world which is both our source and our goal.
May we each become a mumukshu—one who yearns to achieve liberation—and fly toward that goal, celebrating love and happiness together.

Hindelang, Germany

The drawing of the swan who is flying out of the water toward the sun is just beautiful! This drawing fills my heart with love, joy, and the feeling of liberation. I am so impressed by the artist’s great skill and sensitive choice of colors and symbols.

Thun, Switzerland

I found the art created by quilling, or paper filigree, by the Siddha Yogi from Thun, Switzerland, to be stunningly beautiful. The bright colors, the handsome numbers boldly forming “2019,” and the variety of shapes and colors all appealed to my aesthetic sense. Then I started to wonder, “What does this design tell me about the mind?”
At first, the swirls, spirals, and tightly wound strips of paper reminded me of the complexities of thoughts that “swirl and spiral” through my mind every day. And yet the overall effect was far from chaotic. Instead, I experienced peacefulness and serenity in the way each piece of the quilling came to rest within the design as a whole. And the way the leaves form the frame suggested to me a comforting embrace—which also contributes to the overall tranquility of the work.
Now I realize that this “creative expression” is also showing me the beauty, complexity, depth, and harmony that pervade the mind of a yogi who understands the mind’s divine nature.

Illinois, United States