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The Power of a Rose

Inspired by Gurumayi’s Gift of a Rose on January 1, 2019,
the Global Siddha Yoga Sangham Reciprocates

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This slide show is so exquisite! It never ceases to amaze me that whatever we offer to our beloved Gurumayi, she offers back to us a thousandfold.
So much grace, so many blessings—and so much gratitude!

Florida, United States

The photo of Gurumayi ji gracefully offering rose petals to Bade Baba's padukas illustrates, for me, the most exquisitely sacred of sacred events. I see the vibrant, sunset-colored rose petals, infused with devotion, as symbolizing the unifying power of grace.
As I bask in this grace-infused act of worship, I am enraptured, transported in time and place to share in the blessings of this sacred event. And in my imagination, I hear the rose petals settling so delicately and quietly. If I can be as quiet, I will hear the unstruck sound of Om arising on this auspicious occasion.

California, United States

I'm so moved by all the devotion evident in the response of the sangham!  I felt the love in each photo and creation. And I'm so thrilled to see the picture once again of Gurumayi offering the rose to us! 
I am grateful for all these light-filled images and for the sacred love being shared from all over the world.

California, United States

The Power of a Rose is such a beautiful reminder of the day Gurumayi gave us all the rose. As soon as Gurumayi gave us the rose, my heart leapt, my eyes got moist, and I felt enveloped in her love. It was such a powerful moment. I felt her love, I felt her blessing, I felt the power in that rose.

New York, United States

Last year, as I participated in a Siddha Yoga event, a poem about Gurumayi and roses came in to my heart.

A few months later we received this exquisite and perfect rose from Gurumayi. That day I was in tears; I felt Gurumayi´s heart connected to mine.

Here is the poem:

Beloved Gurumayi,

I would like to be the rose petals you offer on Bade Baba’s padukas and feet.

I would like to be the rose which becomes incense filling your house with its fragrance.

I would like to be the rose that adorns your puja.

I would like to be the rose petals like a carpet on your path, surrendered to your lotus feet.

Naucalpan, Mexico

Looking at this gallery, I remembered a beautiful red rose I once saw, blooming in a garden all alone. It was winter time. It was very cold and the rose was frozen, but still maintaining her vibrant color.

I wondered how it could be that the velvet, delicate petals of the rose could stand the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. I was full of amazement, and I kept looking at the rose, thinking about how strong and full of power it was.

It seemed to me that, amidst all kinds of weather, the rose continued to give its beauty, kindness, and strength to the world.

Milan, Italy

One morning during the summer of 1999 in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, the teens were invited for Gurumayi ji's darshan. I was looking for an offering to express my gratitude. When I stepped outside the Ashram, I saw a small roadside flower shop. There were varieties of bright and glowing flowers, and I chose an exquisite fresh rose to offer.

When I offered the rose to Gurumayi, she accepted it with a big radiant smile. I felt waves of love pouring upon me. My heart was flooded with her love.

Gurumayi's love is like a rose -- forever fresh and blooming in my heart. 

Sydney, Australia

I am inspired by this gallery of roses to appreciate the powerful gift of nature. Each rose has a fresh, unique presence. Each one has its own color and beauty. Each rose, like each one of us, has its own message. I am in awe at the generosity of roses—like that of all of nature—offering benevolent messages from their core to the world.

New York, United States

These images of roses are such a visual treat! I feel enveloped in sheer nectarean beauty. Each rose seems to embody celestial love and perfection!
Just a few days ago, I received a surprise birthday bouquet of the most beautiful, colorful roses from my team members at work. Today, as I see these roses on the Siddha Yoga path website, I feel that Gurumayi’s love has been sent to me with that bouquet. What a divine surprise!

Mumbai, India

As I view these exquisite images of roses, I recall my experience when Gurumayi gave each one of us a rose at the beginning of the year. 
I felt Gurumayi’s compassion in that moment, and I have felt Gurumayi’s gift blossoming throughout the year. 

Florida, United States

These images of roses contain so much love and devotion that I can actually smell the fragrance of roses as I click through the gallery!
Another gift from our beloved Gurumayi!

New York, United States