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The Waxing Moon of Gurupurnima II

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This photo gallery is one of my favorites. Every morning, whether I am happy or sad or enthusiastic about life, it reminds me of the cooling and soothing nature of the moon. It helps me remember that the moon is always present in every part of the world and is always the same. This is what the Guru’s grace is for me—soothing and cooling. Grace gives me the experience of her beautiful presence in my life. Wherever I am, she shines forth!

Rome, Italy

When I looked at these pictures of the moon from around the world, I felt like I was wrapped in a sweet blanket of peace.

Illinois, United States

The One moon shines lustrously,

so generously on our planet Earth.

The Guru illumines her devotes everywhere

around the world.

I celebrate the Guru moon

with thanks for its beauty

and wonder-filled steadfastness;

month after month, year after year, the Guru's love emblazons.

Oh Guru, great moon, may you glow unbounded.

Florida, United States

It's been a joy to take in all these lovely images! Throughout my life, in travels to many parts of the world, I have cherished seeing the moon at different times of the day and night wherever I go. It's always there saying hello—the same moon, the same dear friend. Just as the Guru is the lasting companion, the true friend of all, so the moon is a constant that reminds me of the Guru and the Guru's grace.

London, United Kingdom

I love looking at the photos of the moon from all around the globe and absorbing her gentle rays. I am reminded of how the Guru’s benevolent rays beam into our lives wherever we are!
Shubh Gurupurnima, and peace to everyone!

Ballarat, Australia

Seeing the waxing moon of Gurupurnima in all of these magical places fills me with a sense of oneness and wonder. I feel we are all guided by the same light, the same scintillating shimmer of this auspicious moon, no matter where we are or where we go.

Thank you, beautiful moon, for being the light that we can pray to and celebrate.

Thank you, Gurumayi, thank you, Baba, thank you, Bade Baba, for showing us the way.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As I sat in an open-air stadium at a concert, I turned my binoculars on the luminous slice of waxing moon in the sky. Even with all the lights of the stage and all the people in the stadium, the moon held a universal fascination for me.

I thought about how the same crater-pocketed moon shines over people in all corners of the world. To me, the moon is even more amazing than the most elaborate show humans can put on. I am grateful to the Guru for the knowledge of the Self and the profound lesson that we are all one Consciousness seeing through so many eyes, from the humblest person to the most famous.

Massachusetts, United States