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Nature Gallery I

On the Siddha Yoga path, we acknowledge the presence of the Divine in all of creation—and this divinity is revealed in myriad forms in the natural world. The beauty and wonder we find in nature can inspire us, as seekers, to recognize the beauty within us and everywhere around us.

The Nature Gallery contains photographs taken in the wondrous environs of Shree Muktananda Ashram, where Gurumayi currently resides. The Ashram is located in upstate New York, surrounded by expansive forests and rolling hills, brimming with wildlife. Take your time as you view the gallery. Allow the images to transport you to the serene stillness of the Guru’s abode, and let nature’s splendor connect you to the splendor of your own great heart.


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mysterious moon
you reflect
the light
of the sun
deep within
of its own

Missouri, United States

This gallery provides such a vivid picture of Shree Muktananda Ashram in the wintertime. The photos of sunrises and sunsets are magnificent and awe-inspiring for me. Closer to the ground, my eyes were drawn to the leaves trapped beneath a layer of ice, the dried-out buds on a branch, and the blanket of snow covering both low-lying, still-green leaves—and entire hills.

In these images I sense a meditative stillness, as if Nature were sitting still and silent beneath her white meditation shawl, refreshing and restoring her energies through this wintry pause in her growth. To me, even the cardinal, peering out from his perch on the bare branches of a tree and offering a welcome splash of color, embodies this stillness and serenity.

Connecticut, United States

At the conclusion of Sweet Surprise today, and then again looking through this nature gallery and coming upon the exquisite photo of a completely open rose, I was reminded of a poem I wrote many years ago.

This photo brought the original experience once again into my awareness. My understanding has been renewed. I remembered that we can be separate and yet together, different and yet the same, when we are in the inner space of divine love, of divine stillness within.

Pennsylvania, United States