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Images of Nature II

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Early this morning, as I was sunbathing and watching the exuberant bright sky and the plants in my garden, I saw a weed sprouting in one of my violet vases. As I pulled it out, the shape of its thin roots captivated my awareness, as did the life energy I still could feel in its slender stem. Then I saw a second weed and pulled it out too. As I put them side by side, it seemed to me as if the same life knowledge was brimming inside them.
Holding those newborn sprouts in my hand, I could feel the presence of Kundalini Shakti bestowing on them the energy and the knowledge they needed in order to grow. After this, I sat down to meditate and could feel the same intelligent presence of the silent Kundalini inside.
Viewing the photos in the “Images of Nature” gallery conveyed the same experience to me: Kundalini’s silent but powerful and intelligent presence behind the scenes. Such a blessed morning!  

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pristine, shimmering, majestic. These words are brought to life for me in the vibrant photos, the snow wrapping the lake for now in suspense, with life just waiting patiently beneath it to bloom forth any day now.

St. Lazare, Canada

The photos in the March Nature Gallery made me think of Mother Nature as a master painter. This is not only because of the magnificent colors and patterns she uses to light the heavens above us, but also because she sometimes seems to take some of her favorite patterns and re-use them in new settings. For example, in two of the photos, the wind-blown ridges in the snow reminded me strongly of the undulations of sand dunes in the desert.

In this way, this gallery continues to help me open my eyes to the beauty, both obvious and hidden, that Mother Nature provides us in every season.

Connecticut, United States

As I viewed the magnificent snow-covered vistas, a surprising image occurred to me. The thick layers of white silently coating trees, rocks, hills, and even Lake Nityananda, evoked for me a God who has said to his creation, “My dear planet, I know that this season is a chilly and blustery one in many places. So please, allow me to protect you with this warm, thick blanket of snow for just as long as you need it to stay cozy and sheltered."

As I imagined this tender communication from God, what I saw with my eyes was transformed into what I could see only with my heart: a manifestation of God's love and compassionate vigilance for his creation.

Illinois, United States

When I look at these images, my heart is filled with unfathomable love. They remind me that the Guru's grace is everywhere, and that wherever I go, God is with me.
I feel immersed in a sea of gratitude for all the Siddha Yoga teachings that have enabled me to experience this.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It makes my heart so happy to have the mantra playing while I look at the pictures of the Ashram on this blessed night of Mahashivaratri. My heart dances with joy as I look at the crescent moon, the Temple, the deer, and all the other signs of this sacred night.

Thank you for giving us this gift, beloved Gurumayi.

Mahashivaratri blessings to our great sangham.

California, United States

just how
gets a bad rap
in truth
that is chill.

Missouri, United States