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December 2020

Nature in Shree Muktananda Ashram III

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This morning while I was enchanted by looking at the snow covering the trees, plants, and everything on the Ashram grounds, I had an insight. I realized that although the snow evokes great peace and silence and on the outside nothing seems to be happening, the fact is that under the white blanket in the dark of the earth, many seeds are preparing themselves to sprout in the coming spring, and to become beautiful plants, fruits, and multicolored flowers.
It reminded me that in my sadhana, even if sometimes nothing seems to be happening on the outside, the fruits of my efforts will sprout when the right time comes. This experience made my faith in the Siddha Yoga path much stronger.

Milan, Italy

All of the photos are so incredibly beautiful!  Those with the moon drew my attention the most because I often look up at the moon and think about how Gurumayi is looking at the same moon and how comforting and heartwarming this feels to me. I feel united with her. 

Colorado, United States

I offer my gratitude for these extraordinary photos of Shree Muktananda Ashram. I feel my smile expand from ear to ear as I imagine myself walking around Lake Nityananda, on the picturesque paths through the woods, and circling the Temple—leaving tracks in the snow and enjoying the sun’s embrace.
With these images, I feel connected to Gurumayi and to the Siddha Yoga sangham by a thread that remains strong and unbroken.

Maine, United States

Looking at the picture of the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple nestled in snow, I had the feeling that the Temple is my body and the illumined murti of Bade Baba inside is my heart.

Milan, Italy

I felt sheer delight when I caught a glimpse of the scarlet-red cardinal perched on a pristine, snowy-white branch, revealing its own divine beauty. This sacred moment early in the morning filled my heart with sweet peace, silence, and tranquility.

St. Laurent, Canada

As I relished the sight of the delicate pinecones hanging on a tree branch, this insight surged in my heart:
Just as these pinecones serve God with their beauty and as food for the various animals of the forest, so we, Siddha Yogis, serve in this world as the “ambassadors” of Shri Guru’s grace, light, and love.

St. Laurent, Canada