Hearts in Nature

On the Siddha Yoga path, images of hearts serve as reminders of the great Heart, the Self of all, which is always present—within us and within everyone and everything.

Siddha Yogis especially associate images of hearts with Gurumayi; they remind us of her love for us and our love for her.

A wonderful way you can bring to mind the Guru’s love and grace is by observing heart shapes in the lines and forms of the world around you—in the clouds, flowers, seed pods, tree branches, rocks, movement of water, and more.

After immersing yourself in the images in the Hearts in Nature galleries, notice the effect on your awareness of your own heart as you go about your day. And you may begin to find heart shapes all around you! You are invited to share your experiences here on the Siddha Yoga path website.


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I was in awe when I walked outside and saw a heart made of light right before me. I have lived in this apartment for 2 years, and never have I seen the sun reflecting from the windows up above. I walked over to the heart to make sure it was real. I felt so blessed by this experience. I never could have imagined this happening.

Ohio, United States

I am grateful for the Hearts in Nature gallery. Inspired by this gallery, I started my own digital file of the hearts I see around me. Through this practice, my eyes and heart have become much more attuned to this expression of love. One of my recent favorites is an image of my cat’s heart-shaped black nose.

Hawaii, United States

As I took in and studied each of these beautiful scenes of hearts in nature, I became immersed in a state of calm and serenity.

St. Laurent, Canada