The State of Harmony

Niscintata Description


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This gallery is so inspiring for me. As a young woman, I used to enjoy taking black-and-white pictures of nature. I think I was looking for the feeling I find in these pictures: timelessness, harmony, simple beauty. They are truly beautiful in a pristine way. 

Montreal, Canada

Gurumayi's intention for us to experience harmony as we connect with the essence of these lovely photographs touched my heart today. I felt strongly the hearts and intentions of the photographers as well, as they looked at and listened to the earth, discerning which image in which moment to preserve from which angle, so that they could make an offering of it to their Guru.
In one photo of tall trees, a muted image, I could visualize the branches swaying slightly in the breeze. Going into these photos, I feel a deep, joyful, awakened peace within. It feels like an experience of Gurumayi’s Message for 2020.

California, United States

Perceiving the illumination within these images as an act of divine creation, I feel a sense of oneness with creation, a sense of peace and harmony.
I am especially drawn to the photo of the edge of the melting ice, with the smooth reflective area of the water contrasting with the gorgeous texture of the rippling water. No matter what form water takes, I can see that it is all one creation.
This reminds me of my intention to be more patient by remembering that everything in my life has one essence—Consciousness.

California, United States