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Glimpses of the
Waxing Gurupurnima Moon III

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While looking at this gallery, I feel inspired to honor and give to the Guru at this time of Gurupurnima. I have a sense of freedom and generosity, of peace and love flowing through my heart.


Today after my morning meditation, I saw a photo in the moon gallery that was taken near my home. I started to cry—I felt such a strong emotion of love in my heart. I later learned that my wife had taken the picture!
Since 1994 my wife and I have held a sweet dream that Gurumayi would one day come to our house in the mountains to see what we consider one of the most beautiful views in the world. So when I saw the gorgeous Gurupurnima full-moon picture taken from our house posted on the Siddha Yoga path website, it was like our dream came true!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

As I view these galleries of photographs, the experience of Gurumayi’s love and peace and blessings is as present for me as it was when I watched the Gurupurnima moon rise this year.

That evening I watched the moonrise over water. I experienced wonder and delight as I observed the bright, rose-golden orb of the moon shining in the blue of the sunset sky. Then I experienced many moments of peace as I watched this glowing form rise steadily into the sky. The moon’s light illumined the water, and the gentle movement of the waves seemed to send flickering sparks toward my heart.

Now as I view these images, I am reminded of the clear connection to the Guru, across time and space, which sets my heart alight.

Watson, Australia

Answering the invitation to submit pictures of the moon in honor of Gurupurnima, I went down to the river early one morning to take photos of the setting moon.
It was silent except for the occasional birdsong. While I sat watching the moon set and taking pictures, three alligators appeared in the river. As I watched and repeated the mantra, the smallest one slowly glided towards me and stopped in the water about four feet away. We looked straight at each other, connecting, and stayed this way for about thirty minutes. When I got up, the alligator, which normally would scurry away in reaction to any movement, slowly turned and glided away. I felt deep peace and stillness, the blessing of the Guru’s moon.

Florida, United States