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Celebrating Holi 2020
with Gurumayi

While viewing the images, you can listen to music in the Bhairavi raga.

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As I viewed the photo gallery and listened to the music, I found myself immersed in an ocean of joy. Like water that bubbles when heated, my entire being was vibrating with bubbles of joy and love. At one point I realized that my perception of seeing differences between people had vanished. All I could see was one single color—the color of joy and love.

Pune, India

It is very cold here, and the wind is howling around my house. But as I travel through scenes of great joy, through the beauty of colors and textures, the open smiles, and the laughter I can almost hear, I’m dancing around too! This celebration has brought me into its realm of love! I was experiencing Holi with the whole sangham!


Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

Watching these joyful pictures and listening to the divine music, I felt so close to Gurumayi. I also found myself close to my ancestors, especially to my grandfather, who loved this melody, and I offered prayers for their peacefulness in the world beyond.
Later in meditation, recalling the colorful Holi pictures, I saw in my mind’s eye all the cells in my body shining like tiny golden stars. And I was in total bliss!

Dombivli, India

As I viewed these images, I felt joy and ananda fill my heart. I felt longing to be there, too. As I continued to view the images, I connected to the Guru’s compassion. I knew she is dancing here in my heart. Then my heart filled with gratitude for the overflowing compassion on our path.

Cuttack, India

Viewing these beautiful images, I experience the divine and creative joy that springs forth from the deep peace of the Self.
For me, each image is a gift from Gurumayi, encompassing her love and creativity.
My whole being is filled with love and gratitude.

Deggendorf, Germany

Viewing this gallery of color and playful delight, I felt that each picture expressed the sense of abandon in just giving oneself to the Holi celebration!
And I asked myself: what if I could allow myself to enter into the love of the Guru with the same playful delight and sense of abandon? What if I could dive in and become completely happy in her love?
This contemplation has brought a profound quality to my meditation!

Arizona, United States

I am so touched by looking at each photo. It felt as if I was there, with Gurumayi and everyone else. My heart was filled with the joy shared at the festival of Holi, a great celebration!
This celebration, with all the beautiful pictures and the great qualities and colors of each one, turn my mind and my heart toward what is great, what is beneficial, what is uplifting—love and pure joy!

St. Bauzille de la Sylve, France

I am so grateful for this glorious, colorful gallery! It is so heartwarming to see such joy and spontaneity, dance and laughter. These are images I can come back to over and over again and bathe in their light and their lightness. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing us the way to the heart! 

Montreal, Canada

What an extraordinary experience it is to be with Gurumayi and these Siddha Yogis of all ages, splashed with color and filled with joy! These magnificent photos bring me right into each and every moment shown, from offering sacred puja in Bade Baba's Temple, to sharing colors and love with dear friends, to dancing with sheer delight and ecstasy with our beloved Guru. This experience of darshan lifts me to the place of—ananda, bliss!

Hawaii, United States

Oh, how my heart leaps with joy when I see these pictures! I feel as if somehow some of the magical colored dust has landed on me as I look at the gallery and listen to the beautiful music in the Bhairavi raga. I am refreshed and transported into a new sense of connection to the awesome nature of the Guru. 

Guildford, United Kingdom

What a sweet and joyous gallery of photographs! It was so much fun celebrating Holi in this way with Gurumayi, the little boy, and all the others. My heart says, “Yes, yes, yes! That's who we really are—vitality, laughter, and love in happy colors!”

New York, United States

Each photo is alive with an exquisite spectrum of color, from the pale moon to the dark sky, or from a rich blue to an intense hot pink. The colors highlight how every face is radiating enthusiasm and joy! 

St. Lazare, Canada