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Dawn and Sunrise Images
New Year’s Day 2020

Daybreak dispels the night, bringing fresh clarity to the waking world. The sun is self-luminous, constant, and ever new. In the Siddha Yoga tradition, welcoming the auspicious first dawn of a new year evokes the awakening of the light of Consciousness within each of us.

In this compilation of New Year’s Day sunrise images, Siddha Yogis welcome the new decade by sharing the sun’s early light on this auspicious day from perspectives around the planet. As these many images depict the very same sun, we can appreciate that the one light of Consciousness shines through every heart, uniting us all.

The inspiration for gathering New Year’s Day images came on the first day of January 2013. That morning in Shree Muktananda Ashram, Gurumayi described to Sweet Surprise participants how she had gone outside to view the year’s first sunrise and found the sky covered by thick clouds. Seeing this, Gurumayi envisioned the global Siddha Yoga sangham sharing their photos of the dawning of the new year as they had seen it, for all to enjoy. The SYDA Foundation Website Department shared Gurumayi’s request, inviting Siddha Yogis and new seekers to submit their New Year’s Day sunrise photos to the Siddha Yoga path website.

That year and every year since, Siddha Yogis from around the globe have joyfully responded to this annual invitation, sharing with Gurumayi, and with each other, their images of the dawn on New Year’s Day.


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If  these photos could sing, they would gladly sing out, "This day is a golden day!"

New York, United States

When I clicked through this amazing slideshow, enjoying the landscapes, colors, temperatures, feelings, and especially the great silence, I noticed that there were 108 photos. This evoked in me the inner image of a mala. I began anew, saying the mantra at each photo with the intention to send blessings to the photographer, the land, the country with all its beings.
I saw so many shapes of the sun in so many hues, but it is one sun. I saw so many images of the land, but it is our one planet Earth. There are so many photographers, so many people who watched the rising sun in silence, and we are one. There are so many blessings and they are joined to one. There is one light. I am so grateful for this teaching.

Hindelang, Germany

This morning I woke up with an irresistible desire to travel, to see the world, to smell foreign perfumes, and to breathe different air. And in opening these fantastic photos, I was taken on the best-ever tour around the world!
I imagined our beloved Gurumayi also viewing these magnificent images and I felt her joy, her love for the planet. United in this love, we become one. I am so grateful to the photographers for waking up early all around the world to send these precious moments.

Trevi, Italy

This morning, while looking at these beautiful sunrise images, I recited the Surya Gayatri mantra in harmony with the music ensemble. As I traveled around the globe accompanied by the sound of the mantra, I felt like I was entering a temple whose door was adorned with 108 icons. In this sacred space reverberating in my heart, I discovered that the sun shining at the same time in every part of the world is in fact the sun of Consciousness.

Rodez, France

I love this beautiful montage of the images of a new dawn of a new year. I felt that I had traveled the world and saw the serenity that can be found by just standing in a place and taking it all in. I imagined the breeze, the smells, the stillness, the tranquility in each scene.
The world can be a great refuge, if we can just stand still and see its beauty. I want to make this into a practice of just standing still, looking out, seeing the beauty, and feeling at peace. 

Florida, United States

When I viewed this photo gallery, there were 108 photographs in it—108 beads on this beautiful mala of images of sunlight dispelling darkness and bringing new dawn to our planet Earth!

Russian Federation

As I viewed the images, the Surya Gayatri mantra spontaneously arose within me. Contemplating each image with great focus and reflection became my meditation. I am grateful for this opportunity to visit these divine pictures at the auspicious time of Makara Sankranti. 

Johannesburg, South Africa

While looking at these images, I remember how much joy I felt watching the sunrise on New Year’s Day—how at first the clouds appeared moody and dark and then slowly became brilliant with color. I’m amazed by how so many people around the world can come together to contribute to this collection and by how this has such a beautiful impact on my day. This continues to fill me with something just as beautiful: love. 

California, United States

What I recognize most in these “Dawn and Sunrise Images” is the unity and dedication among Siddha Yogis. All over the world, Siddha Yoga students and seekers rose early to celebrate New Year's Day by sharing their gratitude, anticipation, and longing for new beginnings.
As I viewed each photo, I imagined what sensations may have been going through the photographers as they focused their cameras. In some parts of the world, during those early hours it is still chilly, and even quite cold! Nevertheless, I think their exuberance must have provided all the warmth they needed, as they demonstrated their sincerity and focus in capturing the picture-perfect moment. Realizing this, I felt myself invigorated and grateful for their contributions.

Connecticut, United States

I am so grateful for this tradition! I love greeting Lord Surya at the dawn of the New Year. I become like a child: "Oh! I have to get up and see the sun! What will he look like? How will the sky dress to greet him? What will the birds be singing?”
I am returned to a state of innocence, exuberance, trust, and my heart ignites!

Hopewell , Jamaica