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Navaratri 2021

Invoking the Devi

Images in Honor of Navaratri 2020
Saturday, October 17 – Saturday, October 24

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How heavenly it is to feel the golden touch of the Devi! With her presence during these days of Navaratri, I experience a new birth, a paradise, as if the whole planet is rejoicing. I pray for the blessings of the Devi upon us, always.

Trevi, Italy

When I saw the photograph of Mahadurga’s statue in the open temple in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, showing her beautiful form riding a white tiger, I was transported back to my visit there some years ago. I’d been feeling unwell in the unseasonal heat and, as I passed the temple for the first time, I felt the urge to go closer, kneel in homage to the Devi, and pray for a return to feeling healthy. 
I had held a concept of Mahadurga as fierce, so I was surprised when, on looking up at her face, I was greeted by a sweet, compassionate gaze which seemed to penetrate my whole being. I was filled with tingling energy and deep love. I thanked Mahadurga for this blessing.

As I left the temple, this thought arose: I was simply not drinking enough water to combat the effects of the heat. Acting on this, I very soon felt wonderful, and ready to fully engage in the Ashram schedule!

Hastings, United Kingdom

As I was viewing these images, my heart was moved by their beauty, color, and sacredness. I held my attention intently on one that I found particularly alluring: an image of the murti of Mahalakshmi bedecked with a crimson lily in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple. Suddenly my room was filled with the fragrance of that flower! The beloved Devi had given me the gift of her grace in this form.

Kew, Australia

My heart rejoices in delight as I gaze at these images! They connect me with the beauty that exists in the entire universe. 

Hermosillo, Mexico

As I was viewing these wonderful photos, their qualities of perfection and beauty began to resonate in my heart. The light, color, and form sharpened my senses. The Devi seemed to become more and more present and alive, and I felt love flowing out of my heart. Feeling one with the Devi, I bathed in pure contentment.

Rodez, France

What a glorious gallery with beautiful and exquisite pictures! I feel like I ate the prasad, smelled the incense, and touched the precious golden embroidered silks. The presence of Shri Mahalakshmi is so alive in each of the images.

New York, United States