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October 2020

Nature in Shree Muktananda Ashram VI

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One image of an autumn-red tree stretching out to meet the sky reminded me that our feet can be planted here on earth and yet our hearts are pulsating in the heavens with Shri Guru's grace.
I felt I experienced the multicolored hues of Baba Muktananda's love for me and all of us.

St. Laurent, Canada

These photos reflecting the magic, quiet, and peace of Shree Muktananda Ashram, which I consider my home away from home, just filled my heart with such a balm.

California, United States

The panoramic views of Lake Nityananda awakened in my heart wonderful feelings of lightness, hope, and expansion. Seeing them drew me magnetically into a peaceful meditation.

St. Laurent, Canada

These photos evoked a response of deep joy within. As I looked at them, I recognized that the exquisiteness evoked by the images of nature dwells in me as well!
Given the physical confinement I've experienced during the pandemic, this was a welcome stroll through nature. The Ashram grounds are maintained so magnificently.

Maine, United States

Seeing the magnificent array of red, yellow, and orange leaves in the trees standing along the banks of Lake Nityananda is such an uplifting reminder of the unique gifts that Mother Nature bestows on us in the fall season. The photos reminded me of how, when a play concludes, all the actors line up to take their bows and to say farewell to the audience before the curtain descends and hides them from view.
Similarly, the trees seem to have donned their most gloriously hued garments as a way to come together to say a brilliant farewell to us, their faithful admirers, before the curtain of winter slowly descends and the arboreal actors go into their own version of hibernation.

Illinois, United States

The image of the full moon just above the silhouetted foot of the Shiva Nataraj is so spectacular, it took my breath away! It’s as if the mystical night light and the Nataraj dance together the dance of creation.

Hawaii, United States

The photo of the white full moon in a baby blue evening sky with orange autumn trees beneath it took me to a mystical place. I found my heart floating in a space of calm, peace, and tranquility, and I was led into deep meditation.

St. Laurent, Canada