Siddha Yogis Share Sweet Surprise 2020

The year 2020 is underway! It is a bright new start, a whole new year to fulfil your heart’s truest wish. With great compassion, in Sweet Surprise on January 1, Gurumayi gave her Message to guide our efforts in sadhana throughout the year.

Connecting from more than fifty countries on six continents, seekers welcomed Gurumayi’s Message with receptive hearts and started visualizing how they would put Gurumayi’s teachings into practice within the unique circumstances of their daily lives. Many have shared their experiences and their plans, which you can read below.

You can contribute to this exquisite tapestry! You may wish to describe your experience of participating in Sweet Surprise. Where were you? What time of day was it? What did you experience? What insights did you gain? And how do you envision carrying forward what you received into your life, in your own corner of the world?

Please share in no more than 200 words, and without quoting Gurumayi. By sharing your personal experience, you may give others a way to understand Gurumayi’s Message and the other elements of Sweet Surprise afresh.