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April 2021

Yoga — Skill in Action
Offering Seva in Shree Muktananda Ashram

Seva, selfless service, is one of the core spiritual practices on the Siddha Yoga path. At Shree Muktananda Ashram, staff and visiting Siddha Yogis from around the world offer their skills, talents, and energy in support of the SYDA Foundation’s work—serving the Siddha Yoga Mission.

In a great scripture of India, Shri Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna teaches, "Yoga is skill in action." By serving with love and attentiveness, we cultivate proficiency, self-confidence, joy, and evenness of mind, and we strengthen our connection to the inexhaustible source of joy and power at the core of our being. Practicing seva in this way, we move toward attaining the goal of yoga: the steady awareness of our union with the Self.

As you view these photos of Siddha Yogis engaged in many different types of seva, you are invited to reflect on how each expresses skill in action through qualities such as focus, respect, and enthusiasm.


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When I look at those offering seva in the beautiful Ashram, I feel as if I am actually there! I love to see the familiar buildings, landscape, pathways, and even some familiar faces.
Today I was elated to perceive the gleaming statue of Shiva Nataraj. Many years ago, when I was a newcomer to the Siddha Yoga path and knew only the basics of the tradition, I was particularly drawn to Shiva Nataraj standing near the rose bushes that I tended in seva. I remember that it was a rich blessing to notice all the different people who came each day to pay their respects to dancing Shiva.

Vancouver, Canada