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Baba's Birthday

Devotion Enshrined

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It was 8:15 p.m. on Baba’s lunar birthday. As I was driving, I noticed the sun looking unusual. It was a glowing orb of gold. It looked veil-like and mystical, and then the entire sky became golden-orange. I had never seen a sky like that. Then it started to sprinkle; then it poured down torrents of rain, and the golden glow was everywhere—a golden glow of rain and sun. The rain lasted about seven minutes. As I turned left towards home, what a sight I saw: A tremendously luscious, bold, and vibrant rainbow—a gift from Baba Muktananda! I knew it was Baba’s blessing. I had never seen a sky like that. And I had never seen a rainbow so bold and vibrant.
I was happy to see in “Devotion Enshrined” the same blessing of rain outside the Temple and also the same golden-orange adorning Bade Baba that I saw in the sky in Ohio.

Ohio, United States