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Baba's Birthday

Glimpses of Baba’s Birthday Moon III

Photographs of the Waxing Moon in Baba’s Birthday Month

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These photos of Baba's moon from all over the world are wonderful. To think that members of our Siddha Yoga sangham, near and far—facing both present challenges and better days ahead—were united in this exquisite moment makes my heart sing.

Massachusetts, United States

The invitation to look up at the sky and share pictures of the moon in honor of Baba’s birthday is so exciting for me! I love waiting patiently, night after night, catching glimpses of her here and there, until she grows into her fullest and brightest. This practice makes me feel one with the entire world, as I slowly experience the fullness and brightness unfold within my own heart as well.

Goa, India

Last night as I was photographing the moon, I was asking myself, "What are we all really doing here?" I realized that all of us around the world are collectively offering our photos to Baba. We are all offering seva together to offer the beauty of our respective locations in honor of our jagadguru Baba Muktananda. When I look at everyone's photographs, my experience is a feeling of complete oneness with all of the great Siddha Yogi photographers around the world!

Hawaii, United States

I really enjoy seeing people's creativity in this gallery, and I love seeing where each photo was taken. Knowing there's a Siddha Yogi in that place warms my heart; I feel our unity around the globe, and send each one my love. Although we still can't gather in person, we are always together in sadhana.

California, United States

Every day I enjoy looking at this gallery of photographs sent from around the world. I experience unity with my fellow Siddha Yogis as I focus on the unique details of the diverse places pictured. Knowing that there are so many like-minded souls around the globe brings me peace and hope.

Hawaii, United States