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Baba's Birthday

The Sea of Bliss

by Swami Vasudevananda

The Sea of Bliss
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This is such a happy, joyful, lighthearted song filled with love for the Guru. I loved it when Swami ji described how he had to go back home to pay his debts and take care of his child, but that he knew in his heart he could connect to his Guru by “singing.” It’s comforting to me to be reminded that we can all be connected to “the sea of bliss” within, no matter where the Guru is physically.

Washington, United States 

I am very grateful to Swami Vasudevananda for sharing this beautiful song and his profound insights. Reading it gives me hope and reassurance, as well as trust that I too will “hear” it again and again, whenever I go to the depths of my heart.

Virginia, United States

The words of Swami ji’s song give me hope that one day I too will rest in the ocean of joy within my own heart. Even if I still feel fear now, I am reminding myself to focus my attention on the light, the love of my Guru, already residing within me.

Sherbrooke, Canada

Swami ji's beautiful devotional song is just one way that I have been deeply blessed during this month of Baba's Birthday. I've never felt such joy in my life!
This year marks a real milestone for me—my fortieth anniversary on the Siddha Yoga path. I am deeply grateful to Baba for giving me shaktipat and, along with that greatest and rarest of gifts, also giving me my beloved Shri Gurumayi and the most wonderful path to liberation.

Nelson, Canada

Swami ji’s song is reverberating ever so sweetly in my heart. I am so touched by the depth of longing expressed here. It reminds me of the longing I experienced before I met Baba, as well as the subtly different yearning I experience most mornings when I sit to meditate. Something about getting in touch with this yearning sets the stage for my heart to open in prayer.

Massachusetts, United States

When I read these lines from the song, "When you once see the Lord inside / You will find him everywhere," the light from my heart entered my eyes. And I realized, “Yes! I know this to be true!”
In the last year, I have been finding God and the Guru's light everywhere. I perceive God’s illumination, and his manifestation in nature and people, and I have been experiencing the Guru's light within.
I am so happy that this song has been posted on the Siddha Yoga website.

Bhandara, India

My heart was swept away by the joyful wave of Swami ji's song, his jubilant ode to Baba! As I was reading, a lightness of being carried me to a happiness deep inside that I recognize as my heartfelt connection to Gurumayi.

New York, United States

I see Swami ji as a true troubadour of a seeker's soul! We know that the original troubadours sang of noble love. And this word itself is derived from a verb meaning "to compose.” Interestingly, to compose oneself means to create peace and calm within oneself. I felt this peace and reassurance just in reading what a great love story Swami ji experienced with Baba—in God's giving him the Guru as the greatest sign of love, and Baba's love returning him to God. There is no sweeter life song.

Colorado, United States

The love and devotion in this song makes my heart swell and my eyes brim with tears. I almost feel as if I can hear the melody beckoning to me, dancing off the page and into the space in my heart where I connect with my Guru's love.
I am very grateful that Swami ji shared in a way that allows my heart to open.

New York, United States