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Glimpses of “M”

Part I

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I'm always amazed at how the letter “M”is present throughout the planet. From east to west, from north to south of this magnificent Earth, our eyes and hearts can catch glimpses of Baba Muktananda’s perfection. How lucky we are to have such a wonderful path to follow!

Roma, Italy

While eating an orange once in Shree Muktananda Ashram, I tasted an all-encompassing sweetness. I was surprised when I heard myself utter an audible “mmmm.” Later that day, I thought I heard Gurumayi say in satsang, “I love it when you say ‘mmmm.’”
Now, when I peruse Glimpses of “M” on the Siddha Yoga path website and in nature, I experience that same all-encompassing sweetness!

California, United States

From my point of view, the Glimpses of “M” gallery shows views of Consciousness in nature. Looking at these photos leads me to turn within. In those moments, I feel a sense of pure bliss and deep stillness.
I am so grateful to Gurumayi for giving me this beautiful way of being—connected to nature and the Self.

New Delhi, India

Today I was longing for a sign of Baba. I looked to the sky. Although it’s stormy here, the blue sky shone through and I saw three M’s and some hearts of white fluffy clouds.

Kentucky, United States

As I viewed one photo after another in this marvelous gallery (yes, M as in marvelous), I had the feeling that Baba was laughing one of his deep, rumbling belly laughs as he witnessed how we are celebrating his birthday this year. I felt that the reverberations of that laughter were dashing around the world, creating one M after another for all of us to glimpse as we go through our days, keeping Baba’s memory warm in our hearts and his initial M clear in our eyes. It was as if the reverberations were so strong—and so joyous—that they were moving clouds, leaves, swans, sailboats, and even rocks and trees into position for the Siddha Yogis roaming about with their cameras in a love-filled hunt for these signs of Baba.
This vision gave me great joy and deep gratitude for this latest sign of Baba’s eternal presence.

Illinois, United States

I am very grateful for this enchanting and playful gallery of glimpses of M. Gazing at these images and looking for M all around me has been attuning me to Baba’s all-pervasive and loving presence.
Today is May 31, the final day of Baba’s birthday celebration. In honor of this occasion, I placed a bouquet of fresh lilacs at the feet of the murti of Bhagavan Nityananda that I have in my home. As I sat down before the murti, I noticed that the tender and fragrant branches of the lilac formed an M!
How perfect! Baba lived in continuous worship of the lotus feet of Bade Baba. I felt this was a sign from Baba that this is where he will be eternally, in worship of his Shri Gurudev.

New York, United States

Looking for “M” shapes while going about my day opens me up to feel Baba’s presence beside me. I especially love those funny moments when I find an M while cutting a cauliflower or doing my laundry. The world is filled with signs of Baba!!

Milano, Italy

Seeing all of the ways that Baba's letter M abounds in nature and our surrounding world brings a sweet smile to my face. Baba left an indelible mark upon this planet through his sadhana and his great love for us all.

Pennsylvania, United States