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AUM in Nature II

In the ancient Vedic scriptures, the primordial sound AUM (ॐ) is described as the origin of the universe and the inner essence of mantra. The photographs in the AUM Nature Gallery feature various expressions of this sacred symbol seen on the vibrant grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram.

Reflecting on the beauty of these images can inspire us to look for hints of AUM in the natural world that surrounds us—and can support us in perceiving divinity around and within us.


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As I viewed the AUM Nature Gallery, I reflected on the similarities I see between the AUM symbol, a heart shape, and the letter “M.” For me, the primordial sound AUM, the love symbolized by a heart shape, and Baba’s freedom embodied in an “M” are all expressions of the same divine Consciousness.

Hindelang, Germany

I am always so delighted when I can spot the AUM in the photograph. I am thankful to Gurumayi for this gallery, which reminds me that the Self is everywhere. I only have to look to find it.

Hawaii, United States

I’m thrilled while viewing these photos of AUM in nature. As I viewed the photo where a big AUM emerged in the clouds, my heart sang the sound of AUM more enthusiastically and the shakti arose within my whole being. Nature always reveals something divine, and the sacred sound AUM always opens my heart.

Allahabad, India

On New Year's Day as I was resting on my bed in the afternoon, I looked out the window at the beautiful sky and my eyes immediately landed on a perfect AUM in the clouds. I felt I was having Gurumayi’s darshan. We were greeting each other and accompanying one another into the new year. I felt such a sense of peace and stillness.

New Mexico, United States

Riding a bus on the second day of the new year, I looked out the window at the beautiful cloud formations across a blue sky. Paying more attention, I saw a tiny cloud in the shape of AUM. I felt that was the Lord’s way to say good morning, and I silently gave thanks. A few moments later, I saw another AUM shape in the clouds, and then another one. I realized this was the Lord’s way to remind me of his presence in my life, all the time.

Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain