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Bouquets from the Earth

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Seeing these beautiful bouquets spring forth from the earth, no matter the season, reminds me that no matter what challenges we are going through, the light of life still shines from within us and uplifts us.

Maryland, United States

After a long day at school, going on the website gave me a sense of calm. And as I viewed each flower, I felt more relaxed and connected to my spiritual path, knowing that however far away I may be from my physical Guru, I am still connected.

A fifteen-year-old in California, United States

Last month I learned about arpana, or offering, from the talk by David Katz called “The Generosity of the Guru's Grace.” In it, he explained that not only people but also nature participates in “the natural cycles of giving and receiving.” As I marvelled before those bouquets, I heard the word musical and in a second I saw that these bouquets were offering their melody to the divine! Each bouquet seemed to be paying homage to God through a genuine sequence of musical notes played by each individual flower, which together formed a perfect harmony. 
As these silent ”music ensembles” passed before my eyes, my heart was permeated by the joyous, funny, and humble way these bouquets gave back their own unique beauty in the cycle of giving and receiving.

Rennes, France

As I was about to go to bed tonight, I realized something was troubling me. I turned to the Siddha Yoga path website, where I found these bouquets of flowers. Immediately, happiness blossomed inside me so naturally and effortlessly.
This experience has reminded me to recognize the healing beauty that is always present in nature.

Chennai, India

Looking at these photos of beautiful spring flowers renews my faith that love is everywhere. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for the resplendence of God's creations.

New York, United States

I am grateful for these beautiful photos of flowers. Each bouquet seemed to speak to me. I felt that one was saying, “Be joyous and happy like me!” I experienced a wonderful feeling of joy.

Chennai, India

I find it so healing to view Mother Earth’s gifts in this gallery.

Florida, United States

What a sweet joy to come upon these glowing bouquets just after walking outside and relishing the daffodils in my own backyard. It feels like I am a part of one big garden—the thousands of miles between Shree Muktananda Ashram and me have dissolved in pure grace. Just the words of the title, "Bouquets from the Earth," expand my understanding and appreciation of what a gift it is to share in such freely given, generous loveliness!  

Washington, United States

Looking at these photos, I perceive Nature offering her love and bliss to me unconditionally. For me, this is true love.

Dhule, India

I am held in breathless anticipation as I turn from one photo to the next, each one revealing a bright, dazzling array of color bursting forth from the warmth of the earth at Shree Muktananda Ashram. These small bouquets dance before my eyes and bring happiness to my heart.

St. Lazare, Canada