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Learning and Serving

Young Siddha Yogis Practicing the Siddha Yoga Teachings
Shree Muktananda Ashram

Families from around the world visit Shree Muktananda Ashram to offer seva in support of the SYDA Foundation. While staying in the Ashram with their families, children and young adults learn about the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices, including chanting, meditation, seva, dakshina, and hatha yoga. They often listen to stories from the scriptures of India and express these stories in creative play. They also share what they have learned through art and musical activities. The children enjoy offering seva, such as baking cookies and gardening. The young adults often offer seva supporting the younger children to learn and serve, along with learning skills in SYDA Foundation departments, such as multimedia and music.

This gallery shows some of the many ways that young Siddha Yogis have learned about and experienced the Siddha Yoga teachings on visits to the Ashram over the last several years.


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As I viewed the image of the young boy offering rose petals to Bade Baba, I recognized the value of learning to give at a young age. I could perceive the boy’s pleasure in making his offering, and I felt blessed to share in his joy.

Hawaii, United States

The beautiful images in this gallery fill me with a sense of wonder and innocence. I perceive the joy and love in all the children and parents who’ve come to Shree Muktananda Ashram to learn and serve. And I am inspired to learn from and serve Shri Gurumayi with the same childlike excitement.

Thane West, India

For Halloween, my three-year-old son was dressed as Spider-Man. That night he dreamed that Spider-Man came to Shree Muktananda Ashram to receive Gurumayi's darshan, and he made offerings to her. I thought this was quite an imaginative dream, and I encouraged his enthusiasm and conviction.
Imagine our surprise when we turned on the computer and saw the photos in the Learning and Serving gallery of Spider-Man receiving Gurumayi's darshan! We both jumped and shouted in delight! My son exclaimed with pure joy that his dream had come true!
I felt that Gurumayi showed the children that their devotion is special no matter what superhero form it takes, and that they are forever connected to the Guru in their heart!

New York, United States

I experienced joy as I viewed the images of the children earnestly offering seva. I am reminded of offering seva with children during Baba's time, and I am so happy to see this love continue.

Washington, United States

These angelic children are so inspiring. What a wonderful sight to behold on New Year's Day 2021: young children ready for seva and sadhana with their Shri Guru, at such a tender age! I find them to be a pure, innocent, golden inspiration.

St. Laurent, Canada