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The State of Harmony

Niscintata Description


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In the 1980s it seemed that every time I went up for darshan with Gurumayi, she would ask me, "How are you?" And for years I would answer her with my worries: "I'm fine, Gurumayi, but..." I longed for the day when I could answer simply, honestly, "I am fine, thank you, Gurumayi."
Now, at last, as these beautiful pictures and the sweet story from Gurumayi's childhood remind me, my heart has accepted Gurumayi's unfailing gift—supported by all my years of practice and buoyed by her teachings. On this New Year’s Day I want to take this joyful opportunity to inwardly offer pranam again before my beloved Guru and answer her, simply, honestly, "I am fine, thank you, Gurumayi."

North Carolina, United States

I am so grateful for these images and the explanation of the concept of nishchintata. In viewing these images, I feel the grounded, silent peace of nature. It brings me into my inner silent forest where I feel “free from worry,” where the trees and sky remind me of the state of oneness.

North Carolina, United States