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Gudhi Padva

Golden Worship in the Temple

Recording ©Ⓟ2014 SYDA Foundation®. All rights reserved.

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I have enjoyed and relished this exquisite gallery of photos quite a few times now. Each time it is incredibly calming, delight-filled, and wondrous for me. There is so much to absorb, it is like a golden dharana.
I imagine that I am that little child being guided with such spaciousness, love, and support each step of the way. My body is completely at ease. I am learning. I am serving and worshiping with my beloved Gurumayi. And Bade Baba is absolutely vibrantly golden and shining his light upon us. I look up at Gurumayi and her delight is resplendent. I look up at Bade Baba and his light is dazzling. The fragrance of the flowers and the offferings encircle me. I am immersed in happiness. I am deeply loved.
I am grateful to Gurumayi for sharing this “golden worship”of Bade Baba on this auspicious day of Gudhi Padva!

New York, United States

Two of my favorite things to do are chanting and having darshan of Bade Baba.  As soon as I started chanting “Narayana,” I felt the divine energy started moving. I closed my eyes and saw golden light. How fortunate we are to have this website imbued with the blessings of the Siddhas!

California, United States

When I have been in the physical presence of Gurumayi, I have felt safe, free, light, happy, enthusiastic, inspired, alive, and content. I experienced all of these sweet ways of being as I participated in chanting “Narayana” and watched as the exquisite “golden worship” unfolded on my screen. It was a wonderful way of celebrating Gudhi Padva—and life.

South Yarra, Australia

What beautiful prasad it was to see these photos of nature, the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple, and Gurumayi! When I saw the photo of the exterior of the Temple, it brought back memories of being there a long time ago when my children were young. I recognized that what I felt was gratitude and a deep longing. How blessed I am to walk this path!

California, United States

When I saw Gurumayi in these photos, all my worries disappeared and it was as if I was one with the Guru. It felt as if I had been with Gurumayi ji all along and I was celebrating with her. What a true blessing!

a seventeen-year-old from New Jersey, United States

On Gudhi Padva I offered dakshina through the Siddha Yoga path website. As soon as I saw the love-filled photos of Gurumayi offering puja to Bade Baba, I felt that the dakshina I had offered was part of this puja. And I recognized that whenever I offer dakshina, it is always a part of my puja to beloved Gurumayi for her presence on this earth, her love, her teachings, and her immeasurable blessings.

New York, United States

Beloved Gurumayi—
Golden haiku
Divine hands, two small.
The big Heart smiles, offering 
Sweet prayer in spring.

California, United States

When I discovered these wonderful photos, my heart was full of gratitude to Gurumayi for sharing this “golden worship” with all of us. What a blessing!

They were also a beautiful reflection of my experience in my morning meditations this week, when I saw myself in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple in Shree Muktananda Ashram. I could see Bade Baba’s golden face very clearly, and as I went deeper, I experienced myself offering pink flowers to him and bowing in front of the padukas. I could also feel Gurumayi’s presence and energy, which evoked love and sweetness in my heart. Showers of devotion went through my heart and whole being.
These experiences accompanied me throughout the day. In the evening, as a wonderful golden sunset was reflected in the Rhine River, turning everything golden, Bade Baba’s presence arose inside me again and gave me a glimpse of the understanding that he is in everything.

Gottmadingen, Germany

On the evening of Gudhi Padva, I meditated on the sound of Baba Muktananda chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya with a group. It was a very powerful way for me to celebrate Gudhi Padva.  The next day, I felt refreshed and renewed, like the feeling the arrival of spring brings me. I realized that it was from the experience of listening to Baba chanting.  
And now, after seeing these very beautiful images of Gurumayi on the grounds of the Ashram amidst the blossoming trees and in the Temple offering puja to Bade Baba, I feel that I was also uplifted on that day by my Guru's “golden worship.” 

Colorado, United States

I am grateful for these gorgeous and uplifting photographs, which are steeped in love and adoration. As each photo came up on the screen, my heart opened a little bit more, unfurling its own radiance and love for Shri Guru.

Guildford, United Kingdom

Whenever I see Gurumayi smiling, I feel blessed and I also start smiling.

Mouda, India

How clearly love speaks through this worship. I am enveloped in its brilliance—all the sights, sounds, and sensations lift me up and fill me.
I am grateful that Gurumayi so freely shares herself and her love, and the love of her disciples, with all of us.

New York, United States

How wonderful it was to discover this gallery last night, just before sitting to meditate. I watched and listened, reveling in the Guru's love the whole way through. Then this love continued on into my meditation, which was so sweet, so gentle, so nourishing.

North Carolina, United States

The title is so apt, because this gallery is truly “golden.” It is a real treasure to behold. To be in the Temple with Gurumayi and Bade Baba—what an exquisite experience!
As I witness the exquisite colors and beauty in these photos, my heart feels as if it is bursting with love. I shall hold these images in my thoughts for a long time. Through the love and beauty they portray, I am able to experience glimpses of the Self.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

How exquisite it was to receive this sweet and beautiful darshan of Gurumayi and Bade Baba in the Temple. As I watched the photos unfold, telling a story of delight in nature and worship in the Temple – all set to the beautiful strains of "Narayana" – I felt my heart and breathing expand, filling me with life-giving prana-shakti.

Hawaii, United States