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Celebrating Holi 2021
with Gurumayi

Recording ©Ⓟ2021 SYDA Foundation®. All rights reserved.

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The vibrant photographs of the Holi celebration warmed my heart and filled me with love and enthusiasm. I felt I was seeing perfection in imperfection—so much beauty in messy hands! I saw easefulness, joy, happiness, and surrender in every soul, young and old. I felt I was part of a heartfelt celebration spreading colorful cheer and enthusiasm across the world.

Mumbai, India

When I first opened this gallery, I was feeling uncomfortable about a personal situation. Then as I started engaging with the photos one by one, my heart began to fill with happiness and slowly my sadness dissipated in the colors of Holi.
At last, when I received Gurumayi’s darshan, tears of gratitude were flowing from my eyes. I’m so grateful for the many different ways Gurumayi bestows her blessings.

Chennai, India

The scintillating beauty of the image of Gurumayi holding Rohit, set against a blue backdrop, completely enraptured my heart. It instantly connected me to the experience of infinite love, and it reminded me that joy is readily accessible in the sweetness of simple moments.

Milton Abbas, United Kingdom

I felt so much joy and happiness while I was viewing these beautiful photographs. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the moment and looked so happy. For a moment I could see myself laughing and sharing my joy with Gurumayi and everyone else; the shakti felt so powerful and sweet all at the same time.

Mexico City, Mexico

While I viewed this gallery, my whole being filled with its colors and music. During this pandemic, what a blissful blessing it is to be kept connected in this way with the joyful energy of the inner Self. Each and every color reminds me of a different virtue to practice. Seeing the smile of Gurumayi ji always fills me with a new and fresh energy.

Delhi, India

Before I saw these photos celebrating Holi, I was wondering what was special about March 28 and 29. In the area where I live, they were such bright days, and Sunday felt like it was already announcing summer. I felt so much joy arising from people, starting right at dawn. The full moon woke me up, and even when the sun rose, I kept staring at the full moon. What a show! This image stayed with me all day. And the next, when I returned home after running some errands, I felt drunk with light. A new outlook arose within me, that I am still applying today. I am so grateful for these photos!

Garges-lès-Gonesse, France

What joy! What delight! How lovely to be invited to this celebration of Holi. The unabashed splendor, triumph, and glory of spring shines through this absolutely exquisite and joyful gallery. What a gift to receive Gurumayi's darshan in this way!

New York, United States

I was so moved by the beauty of this gallery. Each photo is harmonized with the photo before. When I saw the photo with Gurumayi and Rohit washing hands together, my heart was deeply moved. I felt the immense care and love of Gurumayi. This experience reached deeply into my heart. I could feel Gurumayi with me, and how blessed and taken care of I am!

Hinwil, Switzerland

Just as those beautiful colored powders were able to reach the Temple's kailash, so our beloved Guru's blessings reach our grateful hearts!

Mexico City, Mexico

pul​lu​lat​ing colors
landing laughter
expanding sound
the outer limits
gently inward
coming to rest
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New York, United States

It is difficult to describe my feeling as I went out into the garden of my house on the last morning of March, and saw orchids that had freshly blossomed in the purest and most beautiful colors. This experience made me think a lot about the holiday of Holi. The orchids arrived, bringing yellow, white, pink, orange, fuchsia, and green into my world.
While it’s early spring at Shree Muktananda Ashram, it’s early autumn here in Brazil, and this range of colors in the shape of flowers—perfectly sculpted and colored by the air, the land, the water, the moon, the sun, the night, and the day, and made velvety by the touch of rain—has stimulated the fire of faith in my heart.

Miguel Pereira, Brazil

These images make my heart so happy! I feel that my heart is there, and I am twirling with joy in the midst of laughter and sprays of color. Now, as I go through my day I will imagine throwing beautiful colors on people through telephone connections or emails, leaving palm prints of love.

New York, United States

After viewing the beauty of all the colors and the playfulness of the Holi festival, I went for a drive along the coast and it was as if the sky was also participating in the festival by throwing out colors of joy—deep orange, purple, turquoise, and shimmering gold over the blue, blue sea. It was so beautiful!

Hørsholm, Denmark

As I looked at these images, I felt an explosion throughout my core as my worries escaped their bounds and left me! This is what heaven here on earth looks like, isn't it? May the whole world—children, men, and women, as well as animals, plants, and all the elements—know the same happiness and treat each other so well!

California, United States

I loved the beauty of the Holi games played, with all the colors, the mutual affection, and the purity in everyone’s bodily expressions. In viewing these photos, I enjoyed pure love in motion!

Torreón de Ardoz, Spain

What a beautiful gift this gallery is for me! Just last night, I found myself yearning for the experience of Gurumayi's darshan. As I celebrated Holi last week by engaging with the Siddha Yoga path website, I visualized myself applying colors to Gurumayi’s face and offering pranam. Now through these photos, I feel I was actually there celebrating and playing with colors with Gurumayi and everyone in attendance.
My heart is flowing with love and blessings for all and with gratitude for Gurumayi.

Gandhinagar, India

I smiled with delight and laughed with joy as I watched this celebration of color and playfulness—a true manifestation of freedom and love! I feel welcomed into this exuberant dance of devotion. My heart is humming with gratitude.
Happy, happy Holi!

Llwynygroes, United Kingdom