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January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

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A wave of gentleness, sweetness, and tranquility washed over my heart as I focused on a photo of Bade Baba in the Temple, bathing in a soft golden light as the day slipped into nighttime.

St. Laurent, Canada

When I came to the beautiful photo of the praying mantis on the flower, I felt as though time had stopped, and tears sprang to my eyes. It took my mind a few seconds to catch up to what I was experiencing.
The day before, I had prayed to Gurumayi for discernment and clarity on a writing project. Grappling with an old familiar fear of saying the wrong thing, I froze up and was hesitant to write. After my prayer to Gurumayi, I spent time researching a central figure in the chapter I was working on. This central figure was a praying mantis.
So when I saw the photo of the mantis the following morning, I felt Gurumayi had answered my prayer. Ever grateful for Gurumayi’s love and generosity, and with the picture of the sweet mantis in mind, I began writing again with total joy and delight.

North Carolina, United States

As I return to these beautiful images each day, I see more and more that takes me on a journey into my heart. I've marvelled at the way the photographs capture movement in stillness: the petals of the peach-colored rose seeming to swirl in ecstasy, mirroring Gurumayi's movements later in the gallery; the movement of the Guru's flag, suggesting to me the symbol for infinity; the golden mandala seeming to radiate rays of light like the sun.
As I contemplate the tender, silent exchanges between Gurumayi and Bade Baba, I'm drawn deeply to my own sweet inner experience of Gurumayi and Bade Baba. I'm reminded of Bade Baba's presence in the deep silence of my heart, and that this is a special year—sixty years since he took mahasamadhi.

Havant, United Kingdom

It feels so auspicious to have Gurumayi’s darshan at the beginning of the new year via this photo gallery. As I take in the pictures in which she offers puja to Bade Baba and the deities in the Temple, I feel the whole world is being blessed. And I am inspired to take a step deeper within each day through meditation and reflection, and to remove any veil that keeps me from being my true Self.

New Delhi, India

To me this photo gallery is like a visual song, letting me feel wonder all along. I adore seeing how Hanuman's eyes appear to be resting on Gurumayi's hands, and his expression of a childlike, pure, focused, and devoted attitude. This is an attitude I myself wish to attain.
The flower petals on the carpet made me think, “All the great beings are leaving traces of wisdom, abundant love, and joy.” This photo gallery truly leaves a trace in my heart. 

Hindelang, Germany

Each day, I have taken to immersing myself in one of the images from this gallery and reflecting on the meaning it has for me. Today I chose to focus on a photo of Gurumayi opening her arms to Bade Baba. This photo reminded me that I am capable of buoyancy and can share my lighthearted enthusiasm with others. I remembered anew that the light of love is always accessible.

South Melbourne, Australia

Each day leads me another step into this new year, into my heart, into new understanding. Viewing these photos, I feel privileged to be in the Temple with Gurumayi as we worship together Bade Baba, Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasarasvati, Shri Hanuman, and Lord Ganesh. Today when I saw the image of Gurumayi with her arms outstretched before the beautiful crystal, I felt her blessings were radiating to all the world. I am so grateful for this beautiful way to live, a way worthy of the supreme gift of life, and for the best company along the way.

Washington, United States

Every day after reciting Shri Guru Gita in the morning, I open the “Happy New Year 2021” gallery. Every day I spot something new in the pictures. Today I recognized that in picture forty five the garden outside to the left and right of Gurumayi has the colors of the Indian flag and, to me, Gurumayi shines like the sun in the middle. My heart is filled with joy and happiness after seeing this.

Obing, Germany

Here a magic sunrise
filling me with light.
Then, in perfect tune, the Temple
in delicate colors of dawn.
In the silence of the heart, all cells speak
of the colors of love, permeating “the perfect relationship”
between my Guru and me.
Radiant protection,
delight, devotion, gratitude.

Blanquefort, France

As I view the photo of Gurumayi in which she parts the beaded curtain behind the murti of Bhagavan Nityananda, I feel invited to enter the new year with fearlessness, eagerness, and wonder about what is to come.

Vadodara, India

Day after day, as I enjoy the “Happy New Year 2021” gallery with Shri Gurumayi, what always catches my attention is the silent, sweet, knowing dialogue between Gurumayi and Bade Baba. Thinking about this dialogue taking place without tongue or ears—but instead from heart to heart—I realized that this dialogue can lead me too into the realm beyond words, deep into my heart, into the deep silence where God exists.

Deggendorf, Germany

I have returned often to this blessing from Gurumayi. With every visit I find new images which leave me breathless with their beauty, their creative perspective, their mastery of perception. Most of all, I go deeper within myself with every darshan of Gurumayi as she offers puja to Bhagavan Nityananda . 
Today, as I gazed at the images of Gurumayi, she appeared to me to be lit from within with devotion and joy, and radiant as the sun itself. When I saw her lay her hand on the hand of Bhagavan Nityananda, I entered a space of timeless silence, the space of the heart. For me this experience was a teaching from the Self. Now I know there is no separation from my Guru; there never has been and there never will be. 

 Georgia, United States

Each time I visit this ever-growing series of photographs, I am reminded that peace and tranquility abound. Being part of Gurumayi's puja to Bade Baba and the deities within his Temple helps me connect with my own sacred landscape. Seeing Gurumayi show such devotion and gentleness in her every action guides me to reflect that same approach as I go about my daily routines.
During these strange times, being isolated from my family and friends, I have learned that I can show I care with small gestures. As I take in other postings on the website, I mentally make notes to share those details—a bird or a flower, the colors of Bade Baba's turban (always a point of interest for me), or his jewelry. Filling my senses with these images, I have kept lighthearted and steady, for which I am very grateful.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

The grace-filled images of Shri Gurumayi in the resplendent presence of Bade Baba inspire happiness and contentment within me. They usher me into the new year with an intention to practice simplicity and silence. I feel this stance will help me remember the subtle presence and blessings of Shri Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba, who are always in my heart.
I am so grateful for the Guru’s compassionate presence and guidance in my life.

Udaipur, India

I feel as if Gurumayi is inviting me to share in her joyful veneration of Bade Baba. Her devotion fills me with reverence and gratitude.
As I reflect on these beautiful images, I feel I’m receiving the Guru's grace, and I wish to cultivate inner peace more than ever. I feel so protected and loved at the beginning of this new year.

Gradignan, France

As the days of this new year go by, my attention seems to be concentrating within. Through focusing on the Guru and the teachings I am receiving from these images, I am aware of light, silence, and the present moment. I feel the Guru is guiding me to rest in the light, and I am so grateful for the support.

Horsholm, Denmark

As Gurumayi reaches out to touch Bade Baba's heart, I feel that she is touching my heart and slowly, gently stirring the love inside me. When I close my eyes, I feel every part of my being suffused with divine love. I carry this love inside me in the same heart, the same love, as that of Gurumayi and Bade Baba.
I am so grateful to beloved Gurumayi for inspiring me to remember that we are all one heart.

Utah, United States

As I took in the images in “Happy New Year 2021,” I received a strong intuition that if I sit in stillness and stay close to my heart this year, I will break through veils of illusion that obscure my understanding. I felt that I will move into the light! I sensed that Gurumayi is showing me that treasures and beauty await me. I had confidence that the Guru is giving me her full support.
What a beautiful gift for the new year!

Ajijic, Mexico

These beautiful images inspired my meditation this morning and this poem:
A New Year, A New Day
See the sparkle of Oneness
Perceive the gem of Oneness
Feel the radiance of Light
Touch the Oneness.

Florida, United States

When I saw the photo of Gurumayi offering rice to Bade Baba, I felt I was seeing the goddess Lakshmi showering abundance and blessings.
The images in this gallery fill me with a sense of beauty and auspiciousness. They bring me deep comfort and a visceral experience of God’s presence and protection. I feel that all is well, I am safe, loved, and cared for.

California, United States

Each time I open the Happy New Year 2021 gallery, it brings me new delight. I look forward to what I might discover as lately I’ve found a new image every time I visit. Viewing these special pictures reminds me of my experience of entering the space of my heart—there is always something fresh, new, and loving to be found.
I feel that I am receiving Gurumayi’s Happy New Year blessings through these exquisite photos. They remind me of the value of silence, of perceiving the Self in nature, and of offering prayers and wishes for the good of all. This is most definitely a great beginning for me to 2021.  

South Yarra, Australia

The word precious resounds within as I gaze upon these images; how still and silent they are. I am drawn into a state of reverence. It feels as if I am drinking in these images and being softened and sweetened by Gurumayi’s subtle presence. I experience a space of purity and deep contentment.
I am so grateful for Gurumayi’s presence and guidance in my life, which deepens my experience of life’s great mysteries, grounds me in practical wisdom, and shows me the blissful realms of nature.

Taupo, New Zealand

The photos of Gurumayi coming through the curtain gave me an understanding: we have come through a veil and entered the new year. We step forward with new awareness and with worship of Bhagavan Nityananda and our Self.

Madrid, Spain

I awoke this morning feeling an intense longing in my heart to see Gurumayi. I was immediately drawn to the Siddha Yoga path website. There, to my delight, was Gurumayi, at first partially hidden by the golden veil and then coming into full view and radiating so much love. These words came to me “I am here in the Temple. Be here with me. This is where you will always find me.” The space of longing in my heart is now filled with gratitude as I embrace Gurumayi’s constant and abundant blessings from this new year and every year before it.

Florida, United States

I am so moved by the pictures of Gurumayi in the Temple on New Year's Day. Immense gratitude swells within me as I see her step into the new year with us. Each picture confirms for me that the Guru is always with us.

Virginia, United States

When my eyes encountered these gorgeous images, I felt a surge of pure joy enter my being. It filled me with energy and enthusiasm. It was a miraculous and most welcome New Year’s gift!

Connecticut, United States

Throughout New Year’s Day I felt deeply connected to Gurumayi in silence. These photos were such a wonderful and moving surprise. Spending time with them inspired me to write a poem:  

In silence
Guru’s grace is always parting the curtain.
The Guru shines forth, tender and immutable.
In the shimmering celestial realm
the Guru’s light is ever-new.
See how it offers sustenance to all creation!
Still, yet in constant motion of offering—
The perfect offering is perfectly received,
Mirrored in an eternal smile.

Wisconsin, United States

The first image of sunrise shows that the darkness vanishes when light comes. I was longing for Gurumayi’s darshan on New Year’s Day. When I viewed this gallery, I felt that Gurumayi ji had heard the prayer in my heart, and I experienced her presence.

Pune, India

Seeing the image of Shri Gurumayi peeking through the white beaded curtain inside Bade Baba's Temple is for me like seeing the sun rise and shine in all its splendor, greeting the new year with joy. I am reminded of the inner and outer sun and our connection to each other as students walking this beautiful path.

Washington, United States

The image of Gurumayi standing behind the curtain and the one showing her as she moves through it came to mind today again and again. I am not only seeing them, I can feel them. After discovering them on the Siddha Yoga path website, I sat down for meditation and Gurumayi seemed really close. It felt like she is encouraging me to move through, to open the curtain to step into that inner space of joy, the space where we surrender to the Guru and can experience glimpses of oneness, when we are very deep inside our own heart.
I cannot thank Gurumayi enough.

Gottmadingen, Germany

As I view these photos, I experience Gurumayi saying within me, “Come into the Temple of the Heart. Why stay outside any longer?” And the chant Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya in the Bilaval raga has just started playing in my mind, as I mentally enter the hall for satsang.

Connecticut, United States

What a gift! At this time of year, I'm aware of standing at the portal of a new year, about to step through. How perfect and what a blessing to see Gurumayi’s resplendent form enter the year through the shimmering curtain of time and space, and step toward us. And not only toward us, I realize as I contemplate this more, but with us. How beautiful also to see Gurumayi reflecting how to enter the new year—with devotion, with awareness of the heart's flame, and with grace. 

Massachusetts, United States

Seeing these photos of Gurumayi fills me with happiness. What could be more beautiful than to begin the new year with darshan of Gurumayi in the Temple, surrounded by pristine, sparkling light, pearls, flowers, and everything auspicious? For me this is a vision of hope, light, and love.

Ludlow, United Kingdom

My heart leaps with joy as I absorb myself in these wonderful photos of Gurumayi and Bade Baba! I feel a sense of delightful discovery, the beauty of worship, and a deep, peaceful connection. I am so grateful to Gurumayi for continuously giving us new inspiration on this glorious path!

Solna, Sweden

As I see these pictures of our beloved Gurumayi in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple, I feel immense gratitude for all the time we've been gathering in the Temple in the past year as a global sangham, taking refuge in Shri Guru's divine shelter and engaging in the Siddha Yoga practices. I also feel warmly invited to always come back to the Temple within my heart.

Montreal, Canada

As Gurumayi gazes with devotion at Bade Baba's murti, I see in her eyes and soft smile a radiance and vitality that I am inspired to embody as I move into the new year. Her expression reminds me to go to the Source, which is ever new and ever present. No matter what has, is, or will transpire in this world, the Truth remains constant and available. I will hold that remembrance in my heart with gratitude.

Minnesota, United States

I found these photos breathtaking. As I watched Gurumayi offer pranam to Bade Baba, I became aware that for her every day is a brand-new day, a new beginning. There is a joy as fresh as a jasmine flower, unique and complete in itself. The Guru’s form exudes inner bliss, ever so fresh, ever so new. I also became aware that, like Gurumayi, I need not restrict myself in how I celebrate the new year, and that every day can be a new beginning for me. 

Mumbai, India

I was so happy to see Gurumayi on this first day of 2021! I had been hoping to take photos of the New Year’s Day sunrise, but the skies were cloudy and it rained all day. However, I did experience the sun in several different ways.
When my mother, who recently turned 101, woke up and came into the kitchen this morning, the sun radiated from her and I felt joy and love. When I put the bird feeders outside and birds of various shapes and sizes came for breakfast, they brought the sun with them in the form of beauty, purity, and purpose. This evening, I went to the Siddha Yoga path website and saw the photos of Gurumayi in Bade Baba’s Temple. More sun! Radiant sun! Divine sun!  
I was reminded that even when there are clouds in the sky and the rain is pouring down—where there is love, the heart is always bathed in the light of the sun.

West Vancouver Southeast, Canada

During my recitation of Shri Guru Gita on New Year’s Day, I recognized that Gurumayi is the very impulse and wisdom of my heart and I felt the sweetest oneness with her. Then, just now, I saw the seven beautiful photos of Gurumayi in Bade Baba’s Temple, offering rice to the padukas, the grains flowing gracefully from her hands. It became so clear to me that what I need to do in this new year is to “Be in the Temple,” offering every action, lovingly, thoughtfully, to the Guru's sandals, and feeling the love and protection of Bade Baba's presence and the Guru's eternal wisdom and guidance. 

California, United States

What a lovely surprise to find these beautiful photographs of Gurumayi offering puja to Bade Baba! I was instantly transported back over the past year to those sublime moments when we could “Be in the Temple.” I am feeling ready for this new year, knowing I am guided by such an amazing Guru. Gurumayi lights the way for me to follow.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

As I had the darshan of my beloved Gurumayi in the Temple, on the first day of 2021, my heart was very touched to see her at Bade Baba’s padukas, offering rice, and to be reminded of how she is always nourishing us. I could actually smell the fragrance of the beautiful flowers and spontaneously I offered pranam to the padukas. Finally, when I saw her close to Bade Baba, my heart burst into gratitude and I felt a deep joy.   

Quebec, Canada

In my heart I experienced a fountain of joy and peace in practicing darshan with my beloved Gurumayi through these photos. I feel blessed to be able to seek the true place for support and love, in the presence of Shri Guru. I felt her warm wishes shining from the rays of light and the sound of the rice falling onto the padukas. I am loving the deep silence.

Nagpur, India

This morning when I meditated, I felt the presence of Gurumayi so strongly. As I recited Shri Guru Gita, I felt more and more ecstatic; I felt so connected to Shri Guru! At the end of Shri Guru Gita, I sat there and I was right there, having darshan with Gurumayi. I could see her sitting on her chair, smiling and smiling. As I bowed, I could feel her blessings pour over me; I felt the same love I feel when receiving darshan in her physical presence. 
When I saw these pictures, I felt recognition: “Ah, yes! There truly is no separation, no distance; in every moment I can be with Shri Guru.”

California, United States

In viewing these photos, I am experiencing the light of Shri Gurumayi ji, the light of puja, the light of Bade Baba, the light of prayers and patience. All this brings me great happiness in this moment and going forward. Mahalo.

Hawaii, United States

These photos of Gurumayi are for me the embodiment of a happier, more certain year ahead. Seeing Gurumayi here gives me feelings of great comfort, and I feel my heart soften with boundless gratitude.

Brighton, Australia