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January 2021

Nature in Shree Muktananda Ashram III

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Did someone paint the sky today?
Blue splashed with orange, purple, and gray.
A pallet of color as the sun starts to rise.
Oh! Did someone unknown
Come to paint these bright skies?
Did some unseen hand daub white all around?
Transforming this place to a winter playground?
Icy blue lake glistens with light.
Oh! Was someone kept busy
As we slept through the night?
Did an Impressionist's hand capture the stream
In light faded blue and shimmering cream?
Transfixed by this image, this beauty I see,
I marvel at such precise artistry.
Who painted the deer with touches of white?
Markings that blend and hide her from sight.
What artist could draw with such clarity?
The Master at work: a visionary!

Havant, United Kingdom

to their stories.
the reverberating resonance of

New York, United States

The image of the solitary bird perched on a bare tree branch inspired in me thoughts of patience, surrender to God, and deep hope. Nature gives me so many of these moments of golden inspiration.

St. Laurent, Canada

I love to visit the changing seasons in Shree Muktananda Ashram through these photos. I love seeing the exquisite Bade Baba Temple in the deep white snow; the statues and murtis, the buildings and bridge, the colorful flowers and trees and lake and sky so poetically photographed. I admire the brave little birds who sit on a bare, icicled branch and fluff their feathers and—I'm sure—sing a winter song.
While I am in subtropical Australia, I really enjoy dipping into the opposite seasons that Gurumayi and Siddha Yoga students are experiencing within the sacred seclusion of Shree Muktananda Ashram.

Ocean Shores, Australia