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Navaratri 2021

Invoking the Devi
Goddess Lakshmi

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I was drawn to view the Siddha Yoga path website before I stepped out of my house this morning. There I came across the beautiful slideshow, “Invoking Goddess Lakshmi,” in honor of this goddess. Time felt like it does when I am meditating on the Guru’s sweet form; it felt like there was no movement—only a sweet stillness lingering in honey-golden light.
In this experience I became aware of the feeling of immense gratitude welling up within—gratitude for the love and intention, for the research and creativity that went into creating this beautiful puja to the Goddess so that we can have an experience of her wherever we are.
What a perfect way this has been to begin my day, with my heart immersed in gratitude! Now I wonder how this golden perception will interact with my day.

South Melbourne, Australia

While offering puja to Mahalakshmi, I had the strongest sense of generosity. It felt like everything beautiful, beneficial, and nurturing was continually being replenished and flowing outward throughout the universe. This flow was ecstatic and seemed to be Mahalakshmi’s essence. Then, while offering my gratitude for this experience, I felt that gratitude itself is being in the presence of Mahalakshmi.

New York, United States