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Hearts in Nature V

On the Siddha Yoga path, images of hearts serve as reminders of the great Heart, the Self of all, which is always present—within us and within everyone and everything.

Siddha Yogis especially associate images of hearts with Gurumayi; they remind us of her love for us and our love for her.

A wonderful way you can bring to mind the Guru’s love and grace is by observing heart shapes in the lines and forms of the world around you—in the clouds, flowers, seed pods, tree branches, rocks, movement of water, and more.

After immersing yourself in the images in the Hearts in Nature galleries, notice the effect on your awareness of your own heart as you go about your day. And you may begin to find heart shapes all around you! You are invited to share your experiences here on the Siddha Yoga path website.


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Immense gratitude for Shri Gurumayi’s generosity in my life welled up in my heart as I marvelled at the holiday-lit view of the winter wonderland to be seen at Anugraha in Shree Muktananda Ashram.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

As I viewed the heart-shaped leaf dangling from the tree, these thoughts arose: Isn’t it amazing how God’s love can come from just anywhere? God’s love is reflected in trees, water, air, flowers, leaves, animals, and people!

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

When I see the images in the “Hearts in Nature” galleries, my own heart’s first response is, “Oh, this is love from Gurumayi ji.” How superb it is for me to receive this love, to touch it, to inhale its pure fragrance!
Contemplating this experience, I perceive Gurumayi’s invisible hands spreading her light and her intentions to the world. I feel that anyone in need of Gurumayi’s love will receive it at the perfect time. And as I receive this love, I am utterly full, and intend to spread it onward to the world through my practices of svadhyaya and meditation.

Bhandara, India

The heart shape in a rock face reminded me that in the strength of self-restraint, in the courage of perseverance, there is love. The heart in the rock inspires me to be strong.

Thornbury, Australia

Recently, my husband and I challenged each other to find the heart shapes in the beautiful pictures in this gallery. The more our competition grew to discover the heart shapes, the more we experienced a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation to see the next picture. Toward the end of the gallery we began to laugh, and we were feeling more enthusiastic and joyful. We found ourselves deeply moved by nature’s shapes and its beauty. Both of us felt a sense of deep contentment arise in our hearts. We are so thankful for this experience of the power of the Heart.

Rome, Italy

I especially enjoyed looking at the photos of “Hearts in Nature” while participating in the month-long satsang in honor of Gurupurnima during July 2022. In many of the images that were added to this gallery since the start of July, there’s not just one heart but two hearts and sometimes multiple hearts.
I was speaking with another staff member in Shree Muktananda Ashram, who shared with me that after seeing these photos, she started noticing even more hearts on the Ashram grounds—hearts in the flowers, in the clouds, in ripples of water, and in rocks. “I think it’s the month of hearts!” she exclaimed.

a staff member in Shree Muktananda Ashram

The heart-shaped pool of water in the rock, reflecting the sky, reminds me of how a clear, strong heart can reflect and share joy.

Thornbury, Australia

For me, each photo of a large, puffy, pristine-white, heart-shaped cloud in the sea-blue sky makes me feel as if Shri Guru were whispering in my ear, “Surprise! I’m here! I love you!”

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

I saw the gorgeous patch of fuschia-pink flowers behind the statue of the goddess Quan Yin to be like a beautiful message of love and mercy from her. It was such a sweet way to begin the day!

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

The photo of the sun in the shape of a heart reflected in a small puddle on a rock at Lake Nityananda touched me. What attentive awareness, precise timing, and exact position!

It reminded me of a stone in the shape of a heart I had seen on a pathway, and inspired me to go back with my camera to take a photo. I found the stone, but not the heart. I tried many angles, and at last I saw the heart!

I learned from this experience that in order for me to see or feel light and love in this world, I must put my mind in the right position. When I find this right position, I feel bliss arising in me, as if the great Self is winking at me.

Hindelang, Germany

his magical love
in this enchanting shape
we understand
as a reminder of
who we truly are.
The faithful eye is
attentive enough
to see and to catch it.
we are served with
many, many, many
reminders of love.
even the glorious Sun is
smiling into my heart
in this form of love...
How will I pass it on

Hindelang, Germany

The lush white patch of heart-shaped snow in the green bush next to Lake Nityananda reinforces my belief in the playful nature of the Divine—everywhere.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

Seeing the birch tree with two trunks in the form of a heart gave me a sudden happy feeling. It brought me joy to think about how these two trees are always together. They have one root system. They seem like two, but they are also one.

Seeing this photo reminds me of my yearning to feel oneness with God, the Guru, and all.

Hindelang, Germany

Spotting nature's hearts in these photos is a transformative experience for me. As they unfold before my eyes, they remind me of my love for my Guru. They are another most beautiful gift from Gurumayi!

Texas, United States

As I view these beautiful, tender images, I feel I am viewing my own heart, overflowing with Gurumayi’s love for me and my love for her.

Thane West, India