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Sunshine on the Roof

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What a drama this cat created! My heart is smiling even days after I read this beautiful story.
I am touched by Gurumayi’s caring for Sunshine with so much love and compassion. Her affectionate remark, “A cat is a cat,” is a great lesson for me. I learn from it that even when dramatic events are taking place on the outside, I can be like Sunshine the cat, observing the events but remaining rooted in my peace of mind on the inside.
So much light is radiating for me from this story!

Massachusetts, United States

It was really wonderful to see the bond that Sunshine had with Gurumayi and how he manipulated everyone in order to have a lot of time and attention from Gurumayi. I have three adopted cats; while each is different from the other, they do know how to express themselves!
Just reading this story, I could really experience the love and concern Gurumayi has for every being in nature. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the beautiful ways that Gurumayi finds to give us her teachings.

Patiala, India

This story really made me smile. Having a pair of one-year-old cats, I realize that cats are intuitive and know all the good things in life! Attracting Gurumayi’s attention to get extra attention seems just like the kind of thing a cat would do. However, while Sunshine played with Gurumayi and the other human, she did give them something back. She entertained them to the very end. The story also reminded me to never ignore a cat’s howl because you never know when it could indicate actual distress.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

I delighted in reading this story. It connected me to sweet memories of the two cats we once had when we hosted a Siddha Yoga meditation center in our home. 
The first cat we had loved to spend the day sleeping as close to my meditation asana as possible. I noticed that she never sat directly on it, as if knowing that it wasn’t her place. She was very respectful. Our second cat seemed to love chanting and would appear from nowhere as soon as we sang the invocation of the Guru’s grace. Perhaps she also wanted to join us for seva?
I loved seeing how each cat responded naturally and in its own special way to the shakti and to the Siddha Yoga practices carried out in our home. I am grateful for this reminder of time spent with these great animal beings. 

Havant, United Kingdom

This interesting story reminded me of Gurumayi’s teachings on the virtue of compassion—that divine impulse which stirs within when one comes across someone’s pain.   
Gurumayi’s caring actions toward Sunshine demonstrated the vast ocean of compassion that she carries within her heart. Each time I witness the magnanimity of her compassion, I enter my own heart and experience peace and protection.

Sydney, Australia

This story was the last thing I read before going to sleep last night. Although I had been experiencing some anxiety ahead of a big international trip, I found myself laughing out loud and enjoying every twist and turn in Sunshine’s antics, while I pictured to myself how Gurumayi expressed her concern and relief.
Of course, any story featuring Gurumayi is uplifting and reminds me that the same joy is within me, for we share the same Self.

New York, United States

I happen to be friends with a cat and have the good fortune that she lets me share her space. So in reading this delightful romp with Sunshine and Gurumayi, I easily connected with the love shared between the two.
In past years, I have also been fortunate to sometimes meet Gurumayi on the path near Lake Nityananda in Shree Muktananda Ashram, near where Sunshine resides. So I have seen firsthand that whenever Sunshine sees Gurumayi, there is much ado about saying hello—with romping, hiding, meowing, rolling.... Gurumayi acknowledges Sunshine’s greetings so lovingly, stopping to say hello or ask Sunshine how he is doing.
This story of Gurumayi’s love for this mischievous cat and how he came to have his name, whose meaning he clearly emanates, certainly brought sunshine into my day!

South Melbourne, Australia

I especially loved this story as I am a devoted cat owner! What my own cat teaches me seems to come alive in this story as well: the importance of detachment. While I saw the story headed in one way (the staff member getting his ladder to help a cat in distress), it turned out quite another way, with Gurumayi saying, “A cat is a cat.”
That simple, lighthearted conclusion will guide me in my life as I consider letting go of certain “storylines” I imagine are the right ones. “Sunshine on the Roof” has been instructive for me in terms of teaching me to lean into the moment and let go. 

Virginia, United States

Sunshine’s little orange-and-white furry self immediately caught my eye as I opened the link to his story. Reading about his feline antics and how he engaged the staff members while enjoying and extending Gurumayi’s precious darshan was truly charming.
The conclusion of the story grabbed my heart when I saw the picture of him strolling through the green grass near the daffodils. “Wow,” I thought, and my heart opened. There is an orange-and-white cat who looks just like Sunshine who often visits around my house and garden. My visitor, whom I call Little Friend, has quite the same independent personality as Sunshine.
I asked myself, “Could Little Friend be Sunshine visiting me from Shree Muktananda Ashram?” Well, in a manner of speaking, I think he is. He always delights my heart and when my heart delights, I always think of my Guru!

Vermont, United States