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An Invitation to Offer Dakshina

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I am realizing that giving dakshina fully has a ripple effect throughout my being and my world. It increases my knowledge of the Self. It clarifies and makes dharmic my activities in the world. The dealings I have with the greater world also seem to feel its blessings and to transform for the better. 
Just as Swami ji herself reports, in my experience too giving dakshina and trying to give more dakshina infiltrates into and uplifts every aspect of my sadhana, my attainment, my life.

Washington, United States

In my study group, we agreed to each perform a spiritual practice in honor of Gurupurnima and then share about it. My husband and I chose to offer Guru-puja. As we moved about the house gathering the articles of worship, I felt the joy starting to bubble within. Then, when getting dressed and applying sacred oils on myself, I felt a quiet sacredness install itself in me.
After the Guru-puja, which was delightfully sweet and simple, we placed our dakshina on the puja altar. I have always longed for a palpable experience of grace when giving dakshina. This year on the holy day of Gurupurnima, Gurumayi gave me that gift.

New York, United States

I recently attended satsang at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in New Delhi. At the end of the satsang I received prasad and brought it home to share with my family members. That night in a dream, I experienced unusual ecstasy along with other people around me. Everyone around me was laughing with me. When I awoke, I could still feel that exceptional density of ecstasy.
Immediately I realized that ecstasy like this is not possible without the grace of the Guru. I felt that this is a great sign that this whole month of July is especially blessed with the Guru’s grace.

Ghaziabad, India

In our study group with a friend in Canada, we decided to offer dakshina in honor of Gurupurnima. My wife and I also chose to do a Guru-puja following the instructions from Swami Shantananda. We were excited as we offered a powerful puja. I was transported to a deep place of silence and gratitude in my heart. I felt connected to Gurumayi. My wife and I were amazed by the peacefulness of our meditation room.

New York, United States

As I read this inspiring invitation, I felt my heart melting and overwhelmed with love. Its emphasis on simplicity led me to contemplate this virtue and how I can practice it in my life. I now understand that when I give myself to any Siddha Yoga practice, including dakshina, with the simple feeling that it’s an offering to my Guru, I feel so loving and my heart fills with gratitude; the satisfaction which I feel after that inspires me to surrender myself selflessly. How beautiful is this practice of giving and receiving!

Delhi, India

As I read Swami ji’s beautiful words, I was drawn straightaway into the deep mystery and utter simplicity of the Guru-disciple relationship. I could feel the power of the bond between the Guru and myself, knowing it to be love. I feel that this bond is sustained and nourished through my practice of dakshina. 

As I focused more deeply on this bond, I experienced all differences and all separation falling away. I recognized simply the oneness of the Guru, my offering of love, and me. Everything became the one love.

Havant, United Kingdom

When I offer dakshina, a deep and sweet feeling of absolute gratitude envelopes my whole being. It is a sacred sense of belonging to something so much greater than myself—beyond my mind, beyond my thinking. It makes me feel the deepest love!

Cologne, Germany

One line that particularly stood out to me in this unique invitation is the sentence: ”The disciple gives their life in service.” One way I give my life in service to the Guru is by dedicating a portion of my income as dakshina. This has transformed my understanding of the work I do. Over time, as I have aimed to increase the percentage I offer as dakshina each month, I notice that the work I do is more and more aligned with my highest values: the values of the Siddha Yoga path. In this way, I’ve personally experienced dakshina to be an essential engine of transformation in my sadhana.  

New York, United States

When I saw the image on the front of this breathtakingly beautiful card, my eye was drawn to the flowing wisps of cloud all around the illumined petals of the lotus. I smiled when I saw these clouds because they look so familiar. All through July so far, the sky above Shree Muktananda Ashram has been filled with clouds just like these. So I can’t help but feel that the imagery on this card is giving everyone in the global Siddha Yoga sangham yet another way to experience their connection with Gurumayi.

a staff member in Shree Muktananda Ashram

This Gurupurnima card summarizes, for me, the relationship between Guru and disciple. The light of the Guru illumines my life and lets the beauty of the heart blossom. This reveals the golden treasure hidden inside. It brings about a supreme act of transformation that enables me to fly free like a beautiful butterfly in the sky of worldly life.

Rome, Italy

The practice of dakshina is dear to me. Even when I am feeling less abundant as I look at my bank statements, there is always more for dakshina than I could have imagined. At times over the years, my income has dipped, but my giving dakshina hasn’t. The practice brings great joy to me, especially during Gurupurnima.
At this time I am also making plans for a gift to the SYDA Foundation after my death. I want to do all I can to express the gratitude I feel for Gurumayi’s teachings, love, and wisdom.

Alabama, United States

I contemplated about my Gurupurnima dakshina and decided to offer differently this year as I often feel I don’t give enough dakshina. I closed my eyes and tried to feel what amount felt good for me and then checked my budget. And so I arrived at an amount that felt right and also fit my budget.

With much love, I transferred the dakshina online. The moment I finalized the payment, my heart opened and I felt so much love and contentment. I knew I had chosen the right amount.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Every year I make a special dakshina offering in honor of Gurupurnima. This year I’ve placed my check, inside a Siddha Yoga dakshina card, on my dining table beneath Gurumayi’s picture, where it reminds me daily of her grace and blessings in my life.  On Gurupurnima, July 13 this year, I’ll mail my offering. I know this is old-fashioned and I could easily give online through the Siddha Yoga path website, but I prefer the tangible reminder on my table, as I offer gratitude for the Guru’s sustaining, transforming presence in my life.

North Carolina, United States

I so love and enjoy Swami ji’s words: “It is mysterious, and it is simple.” Reading her words this morning put my whole being at ease and in a deeply peaceful state. This sacred act of giving and receiving is such a glorious divine bond. I feel deeply grateful and my heart is filled with love.

Cologne, Germany

As I reflected on this sweet, powerful invitation, I had a vision of living in a Siddha Yoga Ashram. Swami ji  inspires me—I see that I too can become simple and save what I earn to give fully to my Guru. This way of living simply itself becomes a constant offering to the Guru. In my experience, the vibrations and scintillations of the Truth, of Consciousness arise from simplicity and lead me to simplicity.

Washington, United States

As soon as I started reflecting on this exquisite Invitation in Honor of Gurupurnima 2022, I was instantly taken to my shaktipat experience. What a sublime, precious gift that changed the way I look at life, the way I see other people, and the way I engage in my daily affairs and my profession. For me this grace is mysterious and yet so palpable. I am happier and more joyful in a way that expands every day.

As soon as I wake up each morning, I pray to Shri Guru that I may be open to receive her teachings and grace, that I never stop offering dakshina, and that I grow in my understanding and expression of this spiritual practice.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Reading Swami ji’s invitation opens my heart. Each year I make a special offering of dakshina during this sacred month. I experience that each offering of dakshina increases my gratitude and love.

North Carolina, United States

In the mistiness of my ever-changing worldly life, the steadfast shining light of the Guru’s grace always guides me on my path.
I see this expressed in the image of the white lotus flower and the leaf. The delicate petals are reaching out to me—the leaf beckoning me to enter the divine space of the Guru’s peace and love.  
I will hold this image in my inner vision as I celebrate and experience Shubh Gurupurnima.

Port Moody, Canada