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Niścintatā  I
The State of Harmony

Niścintatā is a Hindi word referring to the state of being in harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings. Gurumayi requested that this gallery of black-and-white photos be created for the Siddha Yoga path website because these images evoke timelessness. Gurumayi gave the word niścintatā as the title for this gallery.

Gurumayi shared the story that when she was a child in India and she would ask elderly people how they were doing, they would often reply, with a very sweet smile, a gentle tilt of their head, and a lift of their hand, “Maĩ niścint hū̃. I am free from worry.” Gurumayi remembers this with great affection. It made a deep impression on her.

Gurumayi’s teachings are about just this: it is within every seeker’s ability to become free from worries—it is possible to experience the absence of mental agitation. This gallery is an invitation from Gurumayi to get in touch with niścintatā, the state of being in harmony.


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Each of these quite exquisite photographs tells a story in such a simple and yet sophisticated way. They are soothing, stilling, and divine. They allow me to be right there whilst being right here!

London, United Kingdom

To see the Guru’s dance in a flower, to see a shift in light and presence, to see the perfect reflection again and again—these images have implanted a beautiful and renewed perspective in my vision.

Massachusetts, United States

As I observe each beautiful image in this gallery, I feel a sense of calm, contentment, and harmony. To me, the exquisite detail depicted in each image—from the smallest particle to the vast sky—declares the presence of the majesty of God everywhere. This leaves me in awe, with a feeling of divine protection.

California, United States

As I looked at the butterfly and repeated to myself, “I have no worries,” I felt my heart opening in the same way that the wings of this lovely creature were opening. I relaxed and returned to the experience of meditation I'd had earlier.

Thornbury, Australia

I had heard, read, and said the word niscintata many times before, but today as I read about niscintata as “the state of being in harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings,” new understanding arose. I have been worrying about a few issues for the last few days. Gurumayi’s teaching that it is within my ability to become free from worries is like a beacon of light for me.

Mumbai, India

As soon as I saw the first photo, my mind softened and relaxed into the heart space. As I continued to let myself fall into that space of deep silence while viewing the images, my whole being became silent, and the beauty of the heart shone in its majesty.

Rome, Italy

Looking at the black-and-white photos of nature, I find myself humming, nothing specific, just an acknowledgment “hummmm” to the simple yet complex beauty expressed in each image. The hum stills my mind, calms my nervous system, and—as the word nishchintata implies—keeps me “free from worry.”

Maine, United States