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Hearts in Nature I

On the Siddha Yoga path, images of hearts serve as reminders of the great Heart, the Self of all, which is always present—within us and within everyone and everything.

Siddha Yogis especially associate images of hearts with Gurumayi; they remind us of her love for us and our love for her.

A wonderful way you can bring to mind the Guru’s love and grace is by observing heart shapes in the lines and forms of the world around you—in the clouds, flowers, seed pods, tree branches, rocks, movement of water, and more.

After immersing yourself in the images in the Hearts in Nature galleries, notice the effect on your awareness of your own heart as you go about your day. And you may begin to find heart shapes all around you! You are invited to share your experiences here on the Siddha Yoga path website.


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As my eyes marveled at all the exquisite heart forms in nature in this gallery, an overwhelming feeling of unity overcame me. I started to see my own heart in all these heart shapes. It was a very powerful state of oneness that I experienced, which was especially poignant for me as this was the anniversary of my own divya diksha.

St. Laurent, Canada

When I saw the photo of the cat in the tree, I immediately thought of Gurumayi’s Message for 2024. The cat looked tall, magnificent, brave. Standing against the tree, it seemed to be drawing grace and support directly from nature. It made me feel like sitting up straight. As the feeling went into my heart, I smiled. 

Minnesota, United States

The gallery of heart images is so beautiful. It has softened my heart this morning and has created a smile deep inside.

Oregon, United States

Seeing the hearts outlined in the snow is like hearing, “I send you my love.” It is so sweet and I smile. And for me, when I myself find hearts in nature, it is the same message from God and I smile.
Reminders like these are very helpful and uplifting. This “Hearts in Nature” site is a daily reminder and I like it very much.

Hindelang, Germany

I was viewing the pictures in the Hearts in Nature gallery as I was eating lunch today. When I finished eating, I discovered the last tiny piece of salad left on my plate was a perfect heart! I savored it with great love and gratitude.
Finding natural hearts in my own world always makes me feel love, gratitude, and oneness with my Guru—the embodiment of the great Heart.

Auckland, New Zealand