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The State of Harmony

Niścintatā is a Hindi word referring to the state of being in harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings. Gurumayi requested that this gallery of black-and-white photos be created for the Siddha Yoga path website because these images evoke timelessness. Gurumayi gave the word niścintatā as the title for this gallery.

Gurumayi shared the story that when she was a child in India and she would ask elderly people how they were doing, they would often reply, with a very sweet smile, a gentle tilt of their head, and a lift of their hand, “Maĩ niścint hū̃. I am free from worry.” Gurumayi remembers this with great affection. It made a deep impression on her.

Gurumayi’s teachings are about just this: it is within every seeker’s ability to become free from worries—it is possible to experience the absence of mental agitation. This gallery is an invitation from Gurumayi to get in touch with niścintatā, the state of being in harmony.


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I am thankful for this peaceful, serene, and artistic Niscintata gallery. The video in frame thirty-three of cascading water transported me into a still state. To me, the elements on the website, as well as all the Siddha Yoga practices, seem interlaced. I experience that they are woven together so beautifully that they inspire me to offer my gratitude again and again.

North Carolina, United States

As I looked at each of the black-and-white images, I noticed I could easefully get in touch with my experience of the essence of the moment photographed. For example, I could feel the cold air while looking at the bench placed close to the icy lake. Or I could hear the laughter and music at the dancing circles. After browsing through the gallery, I felt refreshed and expansive. It was as if I had meditated with my eyes open with a dharana of harmony.

New York, United States

These images filled with light and shadow, and shades of grey, have a Zen-like quality that is so soothing. Removing the colors is like removing the unnecessary thoughts and activities of daily life and resting in the ever- present (but hidden) peace of the Self.

California, United States

Last night, I could not fall asleep, due to thoughts of certain challenges in  my life. Even my normal practice of chanting, prayer, and meditation didn’t help me relax. So, I went to the Siddha Yoga path website where I found this beautiful Niscintata slideshow. These images had a wonderful impact on my restless mind. The black-and-white and soft tones of greys really helped to calm me down. The stillness of the snowy landscape seemed to permeate my being.

Stockholm, Sweden