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Dance, Perchance?

In Honor of International Dance Day

Thursday, April 29, 2021

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The photos of the dancing flame and the other lovely photos have stolen my heart. Seeing all these different forms of dancing made me feel that my breath was dancing in my heart in time with strong vibrations in my throat. As I watched this happen, I felt I was being bathed in the pure love of my Guru.

New Delhi, India

As I was walking this evening, I saw the beautiful sun setting, adorning the sky with the most gorgeous array of colors. Then I recollected my experience of this gallery this morning and suddenly felt myself basking in the wonder of nature’s magnificent dance.

California, United States

These photographs truly make the world of dance come alive for me. Inspired to go beyond the usual definition of dance, I considered: Can colors, wind, and waves dance? Can I attune to the subtlest movements of nature, like the lilt of the butterfly's wing and the imperceptible unfurling of a leaf?
I am grateful to be awakened to these nuances through the sacred and beautiful movements shared in this gallery.

Sainte Anne de Bellevue, Canada

Sometimes, when I am listening to or remembering a Siddha Yoga chant, I let my body dance with devotion, joy, and thought-free ease. In those moments, it feels as if I am realizing the truth of the scriptural description of the “dancing” play of Consciousness—full of luminous glory, joy, perfection, and freedom—and as if I were dancing into the unfathomable love and bliss of Shiva.

Sorel, Canada

I was so moved by the images of people and nature dancing. My heart is so full. Dance is my life, my love, my expression of my connection to the divine.
Dance, my breath! Dance, my body, softly caressing the ground moving between heaven and earth! Dance, my spirit, allowing me to move my body in the ecstasy of love!
As the flame in my heart warms my entire body, and I lift my head from the base of my spine and the movement takes me, I thank my Guru.  

Kingscliff, Australia

How delightful! I have heard that, even though an audience doesn't get to dance with the performers, there is neurological activity in each audience member's brain that gives them an experience of movement nonetheless. Whether or not this is true, I definitely felt parts of my body—and heart—being carried along by the images. This experience leaves me with a big smile in my whole being.

California, United States

I really appreciated the photos in “Dance, Perchance?” This is because, after working from home for seven weeks now due to the pandemic, one of the things that I am so grateful for has been online dance classes. I love music and making it physical with dance brings such vibrant energy to my whole body. I instantly feel so uplifted and joyful that I can't help but break out in laughter!

Sydney, Australia

What lovely photos to celebrate International Dance Day. The dance of life portrayed here in all its forms is full of joy and wonder for me.
I now realize that I can consciously seek out the beauty in my world, really see it and feel it. How truly wonderful our planet is, and what good fortune to be part of it. These lovely images have returned me to my heart, and I feel refreshed and renewed. 

Melbourne, Australia

How beautiful are these images! I feel now as if a dancing saptah is in motion inside me. My heart is dancing with happiness as I remember the joy of movement.

New York, United States

I sometimes see every moment as part of a dance. The moments seem to glide into one continuous movement, where time and space intersect.

California, United States

Today during meditation, I felt my heart was dancing. I am so grateful for this experience of grace.

Vicenza, Italy