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Birthday Bliss 2013

A Talk by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
for Birthday Bliss 2013

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Gurumayi's talk, "Millions of Blissful Moments," has filled me with light. I felt as if the shakti was speaking and energizing my body. The experience was more than I can express. Whenever I read Gurumayi's words or listen to her speak, her words go deeply into my heart, and I experience transformation and purification.
Gurumayiji, thank you for your wonderful talk.

Pune, India

Gurumayi’s Birthday gift to us in the form of her talk, "Millions of Blissful Moments," has touched my heart. Every word is so powerful! The title of this talk reminded me of words in the Siddha Yoga Vision Statement: “…the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of supreme bliss.” Every small blissful moment within and without will add up to supreme bliss.
I am now making an easeful effort to recognize and embrace every blissful moment every day.
Gurumayi, your gift is transforming us!
Pranams and Happy Birthday, Gurumayi. Thank you for your guidance and blessings.

Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks to all the teachings and all the Guru's wishes for us, along with my own efforts, I am now functioning in a much more expanded state than I was even a few months ago. Thank you, Gurumayi!

In Australia, the Indigenous People use the term song lines for lines of energy that connect people and places. But in today's society, so many "song lines" have been broken. In her talk, “Millions of Blissful Moments,” Gurumayi speaks of mantra japa as “an invisible thread” connecting us all. I love this teaching. It reminds me I am creating a thread each time I chant the mantra, and that thread connects me with the Guru and all the other Siddha Yogis. With the Guru, we are all creating new "song lines."

Happy Birthday, Gurumayi! All my love and gratitude.

Lake Bolac, Australia

I recently spent several days with 1200 people at a medical conference on energy. From the subatomic, to the human cellular, to the universal energies, we explored how to support the flow of energy in our universe. 

Reading Gurumayi's talk this morning, feeling the pulsating vibration of her words in my being, gives me such hope for my sadhana, for humankind, for our planet, for our universe. Through the power of Gurumayi's blessings and the simple practices she gives us, it is possible to have such a direct connection to the flow of energy in the universe! 

I was particularly moved by Gurumayi's wish that we realize that people of all faiths worship the same God and that God loves and embraces everyone equally, because I know that with Gurumayi's blessing it can and will happen! And I can do my part by repeating the mantra.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the Birthday Bliss you are forever bestowing on humankind!

New York, USA

What a difference in my awareness, in my state, and in my day, after I read Gurumayi's talk!  I was rushing around, my mind awhirl with the many activities I thought I had to complete, and then I stopped, breathed, and took time to read Gurumayi's beautiful teachings.  

Now I know that my most important activity is to experience those "millions of blissful moments, within and without" so that I can extend the peacefulness that results to others, through acts of generosity and forgiveness.  

Thank you, Gurumayi, for yet another great gift.

New York, USA

I was really intrigued by Gurumayi’s reference to 7 octillion atoms in the human body and wondered what could come from filling each one of them with the power of the mantra. Bliss multiplied 7 octillion times will create a body of bliss!
So the next time I went for a walk on the Silent Path in Shree Muktananda Ashram, I imagined installing this bliss-filled power of the mantra in every atom of my body. As I did this, I felt so light, as if I were floating above the path. Then I remembered an experience I had of the mantra many years ago.
In 1994, while taking a Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive, in every meditation session I heard a chorus of the sweetest angelic voices singing Om Namah Shivaya. I listened in delight.
And now, while walking/floating along the Silent Path, I realized that what I was hearing at that time was the singing of the atoms of my body. Every atom of my body was and is singing glory to the Lord!
Beloved Gurumayi, thank you for awakening us to this mystical world within us.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

This is exquisite! An experience of beauty through words. Gurumayi's words feel to me like an unstoppable river of love.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Upon reading Gurumayi's words, I am filled with bliss and gratitude. I will spend the rest of the year, and beyond, contemplating Gurumayi's words and putting them into practice.

My heart melts upon reading Gurumayi's wishes for all of us. Her love is so deep and unconditional, and I will resolve to take in every word so that through her grace, I can experience all that she has wished for us.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Gurumayi, and happy, happy Birthday Bliss!

London, United Kingdom

I feel deeply touched by the enormous generosity of love and blessings shown through this talk for all of us and the world. In an instant, I was able to connect with divine love within me.

Thank you with all my heart!

Earlwood, Australia

In India, when one is receiving prasad and it cannot fit in both the palms of one's hands, one spreads out a shawl or the pallu, the end length, of a sari. This vessel is called a jholi.

Today, I was meditating after having Gurumayi's darshan and synchronizing my in-breath and out-breath to the sound of her mantra beads. My mind went on to contemplate the virtues of abundance and balance.

I began to feel enormous gratitude and love for Gurumayi. All the carefully wrapped, amazing teachings from Gurumayi's Birthday Bliss talk began to unwrap. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the immensity of how much was contained in that one talk. Then I heard Gurumayi say to me, "Expand your jholi!"

Yes. I do see how there truly are millions of possibilities to experience bliss by infusing the divine mantra in the 7 octillion atoms in my body. May I be worthy and capable of doing so. May I be steadfast in my effort to establish myself in a balanced place where I swing and oscillate from bliss to bliss only.

Thank you, Gurumayi, with all my love and with all my heart.

Mumbai, India

I felt a tremendous sense of awe and gratitude when I read Gurumayi's words. Within myself, I felt deep peace and an exquisite feeling of being held in God's love, of the whole planet being blessed by the vibrations of the mantra.

There was also a realization that everything that is happening in my life is a blessing, that this is a benevolent universe and everything happens for our highest good. How incredibly fortunate I am to have Gurumayi in my life as my Guru. Her words bathed me in light, and I felt a new vitality, an even stronger connection with her as the mantra permeated the trillions of cells of my being. I also felt a renewed commitment to remember the mantra as often as possible in my daily life.

How incredibly fortunate we all are on this great path to know and be able to experience the great mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

Thank you, dearest Gurumayi.

Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

As soon as I saw Gurumayi's talk on the website, I felt very excited and joyful. After reading the talk, I was eager to share some of the gems with my friends. I thought about a particular friend of mine who has not been feeling well. I wrote him an e-mail in which I suggested that he read the talk. The next day he responded, "From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for suggesting that I read Gurumayi's talk. Indeed, this talk is made for me. I have read it and will read it again and again."

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love. Thank you for the opportunity and the means to share your teachings, to spread good news and joy.

Paris, France

Perhaps because of all the years we have studied Gurumayi's Messages, I realized that I want to take time to contemplate each sentence of this talk fully. It could take months, or a year, or lifetimes to imbibe the billions of blessings that are offered in this talk. What joy there is in being a Siddha Yoga student! Now I can see that the path and the goal are not so different. 

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for all the guidance, understanding, and love.

California, USA

Usually, when it is our birthday, we expect to receive. But, on Gurumayi's birthday, she gives. On this occasion, once again, Gurumayi gives with full hands!

As I sit on this seesaw of life, going up and down from tears to laughter, the Guru is my center: steadfast, calm, joyous, resplendent. I am so blessed!
Thank you.

Mexico City, Mexico

Reading this talk by Gurumayi, I was immediately taken to a place of fullness, zinging energy buzzing in my body, great happiness at this connection.

It’s remarkable that this can happen via the Internet! The Guru's intention reaches us through the waves of particles that bring this talk even thousands of miles away. Wow! Thank you.

Sydney, Australia

This morning during meditation, I remembered a sign I had once seen posted over a water fountain. The sign read, "Water is precious. Let's save every drop." I related the message of the sign to the precious glory of each sacred breath. I thought about how, thousands upon thousands of times each day, I can infuse each breath with the grace of the mantra.

Then, when I completed my meditation, I went to my computer to study the teachings on the Siddha Yoga path website.

When I read Gurumayi's Birthday Bliss talk, my heart exploded with gratitude and love.

Beloved Gurumayi, thank you for the great refuge of your wisdom. I will read your talk again and again, and with each breath I will seek to remain established in the remembrance of God.

Georgia, USA

Happy Birthday Bliss, Gurumayi!

Reading "Millions of Blissful Moments" this morning was like walking in the ocean of love! The more I read Gurumayi's words, stories, and wishes, the more I felt my whole body being immersed in that nectarean water.  My heart was full of love and gratitude for my Guru, my life, and the Siddha Yoga path.

I am so touched by all the ways Gurumayi guides us to live our daily life connected with our heart and greatness, and how lovingly she teaches us to see the best in ourselves and to move in the best direction!

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for this blessed satsang. I am so motivated and want to offer the best of myself for this month of June with enthusiasm and fun!

Happy, happy Birthday Bliss to you!

Shree Muktananda Ashram

Thank you, Gurumayi, for Birthday Bliss! I could feel the bliss in every syllable and felt bathed by the ocean of your love! I loved the analogy of the children on the seesaw—as they went up and down they were in bliss! It will accompany me everywhere, taking me back to the heart, to the truth of the present moment.

Happy, happy birthday!

California, United States

My heart is filled with gratitude on reading Gurumayi's talk, “Millions of Blissful Moments.” As I read Kabir's poem saying that this may be the last breath, and Gurumayi's words about every breath being precious, I suddenly felt that I was breathing deeply. I became aware of my breathing and saw that I was repeating the mantra with the breath! It was happening so easefully. When I noticed this, I was filled with bliss.

I have let countless breaths go by in my life. But now, I have experienced that it is possible to repeat the mantra with the breath while doing anything. Kabir's words and the blessings of Gurumayi will give me strength and the awareness to continue practicing like this.

Thank you, Gurumayiji.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

As I read the benefits of conscious breathing, I could feel each one: my body relaxed, my mind became serene, and I experienced Birthday Bliss. This is my practice for June.

Thank you, Gurumayi!   

California, USA

It is exciting just to imagine every atom of my body filled with the power of the mantra, with bliss, and to discover how many atoms in my body I can fill. I want to start filling them with the power of the mantra right now!

How great to start this month with the awareness that we DO shine and that we can shine even more every day. Thank you, Gurumayi, for your limitless teachings and love.

May I always cherish your beautiful wishes in the most sacred place of my heart.

Feliz cumpleaños, Gurumayi!

Culiacán, Mexico

My heart is filled with great gratitude, abundant joy, and millions of thanks for Gurumayi's abundant love and blessings.

Gurumayi transforms every moment, every day, and our whole life into a magnificent, shining, golden life. A life filled with virtues, a life filled with goodness, a meaningful life, which is lived in the guidance of her golden teachings.

After reading Gurumayi’s talk, my heart is open and I am feeling so much love and such soft tenderness; I am amazed at this feeling.

I am forever grateful to Gurumayi for giving me the power of mantra japa and the opportunity to realize that bliss is within me, pulsating in every particle of my being.

Happy and auspicious Birthday Bliss!

Thane, India

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful words, your healing wishes, your ongoing love.
Happy Birthday Bliss to you!

Oostzaan, Netherlands

As I was reading this beautiful talk—a gift from Gurumayi—I had to pause several times. My eyes and heart were overflowing with gratitude. I felt so much compassion and understanding streaming into my heart from the words of our beloved Gurumayi.

This talk is a beautiful inspiration to deepen my mantra japa practice and I know I will be reading these powerful and gentle words again and again.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding us with such abundant love to our unity with the Lord.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

While reading the talk, I felt that Gurumayi was talking directly to me, looking straight into my eyes and touching my heart, making it melt in her love—blissful love, unending love.

This experience ignited a strong feeling of devotion, and I am filled with love and gratitude for Gurumayi.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for bestowing your wishes on us all. I wish you a very happy Birthday Bliss 2013.

Thane, India

What a great Guru we have!

I am feeling so much gratitude to Gurumayi for her teachings in this talk, “Millions of Blissful Moments.”

The reason I feel such gratitude is, like so many, I have a deep longing to know God, and to be free from the limitations that hinder my ability to give my best to the world in each moment—the reason for pursuing Siddha Yoga sadhana.

In this talk, Gurumayi shares with us so many practical and fun ways to experience our greatness and encourages us to share this with the world. I commit to joining with Gurumayi in opening to her wishes for us and for the world, by putting into practice her teachings in this magnificent and powerful talk.

Happy Birthday Bliss month 2013!

Sydney, Australia