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December Nature Gallery

Seeing the image of the shankha so beautifully displayed throughout the December Nature Gallery is teaching me to understand the presence of the divine, primordial sound AUM as intrinsic in all that exists.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching us through these gorgeous photos how to perceive and experience the soundless sound.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Looking at these scenes from nature, I felt my energy folding inside myself, like dough being kneaded. I was sinking under and coming up, sinking under and resurfacing. I experienced an inner rhythm, the breathing in and the breathing out of contentment. I felt divine.

Thank you.

California, USA

Just a few moments ago, after I saw a beautiful red cardinal in my yard looking for food, I went outside to fill my birdfeeder. I returned inside to look at the Nature Gallery, and I was reminded by one of the shares that I hadn't listened. I had forgotten to take a few moments to listen to nature.

So, I went out again to listen, and I heard the birds singing as if they were praising God's glory. What a joyful and delightful moment, which I shall keep with me throughout the day!

New York, USA

My heart, my whole being, is vibrating with deep love and gratitude as I immerse myself in these magnificent images from Shree Muktananda Ashram. A sparkling thanks to all who bring these precious sights into my reach, making them a wonder-filled part of my life wherever I am.

Happy holiday season to you all!

Starnberg, Germany

As I was looking at all the photographs, I realized I had started to hear the wind blowing, water flowing slowly, ice crackling, dewdrops falling, birds flapping their wings, silence. I was experiencing the gentleness with which a feather rests on the ground, the pellucidity of dewdrops, the gentle glare of sunlight, the coolness of moonbeams, the quiet brilliance of the sun, the solitude of the walking paths, the lightness of a bird perched on a tree, and many more things. And I felt calm and content.

It felt like a completely new way to receive Gurumayi's teachings, a subtler way to be in communion with and connection to the Guru.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

Several of the images of the December Nature Gallery exuded a palpable, hypnotic energy that drew me into a state of contemplation. Some of the images filled me with an aesthetic appreciation of nature's exquisite composition, causing me to slow down and take a deeper look at what I might normally overlook as ordinary. Other more abstract images sparked a sense of magic, reminding me of inner worlds of light and color I have experienced in meditation.

As I write about this, I notice myself becoming quiet inside. I hear inner bells tinkling within that silent space, and I see in myself the glints of light that were floating amidst the snow-covered tree branches in one of the images. I also begin to feel and hear inside myself the velvety sensation of water glistening and flowing around a rock, which I saw in another image.

Thank you, Gurumayi. And thank you to the artists, for helping me—through these images—to build a bridge between my inner and outer worlds.

California, USA

These pictures are truly spectacular. While I can tangibly feel the chill of winter, the sky and the snow emanate love, light, and power.

California, USA

As I look at the bird flight, the ice formations on Lake Nityananda, the moon, and the flowers, I experience silent communication from the screen to my heart. With a joyful heart, I experience the presence of the Guru in every form.

Montreal, Canada

Magnificent! Receiving the beauty captured by these nature photographs has brought me to an experience of joyful gratitude. The image of geese in flight stopped me in my tracks, and I rested for a moment in the awareness of universal connection—with birds,water, trees, rocks, light, and the love in the hearts of all. The prayer from my heart is “Thank you.”

Texas, USA

As I was listening to the chant Shri Gurudeva Sharanam and looking at the different images of the season, I learned that even though the outer elements of the trees are changing, their inner stability is intact. It is not moved by the outer circumstances.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for these blessed photos and teachings through the website.

Bangalore, India

I was driving home from work in the city last night, glancing at the darkening landscape around me. The moon was very visible and reflected on the River Thames, along with the lights from the buildings around. The scene outside was very beautiful. I felt very much at ease.

Tonight, as I viewed the new images on the Nature Gallery, I was thrilled to see the beautiful moon, reminding me of the moon reflected on the River Thames here in London. Once again, I had that same feeling of ease.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love, and for guiding us to be able to recognize this beautiful world around us. And thank you to the photographers for the seva you offer.

London, United Kingdom

Last night I caught a rare, unobstructed glimpse of the round bright moon from my own backyard. I thought of the many moon pictures we have enjoyed on the website, and I felt a deep longing to see the moon from Shree Muktananda Ashram. Then I realized that in that very longing, I was already there.

This morning, the new full moon image in the December Nature Gallery brought back that feeling of tenderness and connection, along with so much gratitude for all those who create for and maintain the Siddha Yoga path website—as well as those who share their experiences through this wonderful resource.

Thanks to all.

Massachusetts, USA

I have found that looking at these awesome pictures is training me to stop and look with new eyes at the manifestation of this world. In fact, when I focus on the details of a flower, a rock, a person, I can see the beauty and the perfection of God's creation. And this opens my heart to perceive divinity in myself, too.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Milan, Italy

Looking back on all the magnificent photos that we have seen this past year in each season's Nature Gallery, I feel renewed gratitude for the way that the photographer sevites have used their talents and skills to capture beauty in a form that could be shared with the global sangham.

My own sensitivity to nature has been wondrously enhanced by immersing myself—day after day, week after week, season after season—in these glorious photos. It's amazing to me how much more beauty I now experience as my glance falls on a single flower, a bare tree branch, a silent cardinal, or the light reflected in a rushing stream.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching me how to magnify the joy inherent in each moment that I spend with nature.

Illinois, USA

Thank you for these beautiful images of the seasons unfolding at Shree Muktananda Ashram. My heart melts and overflows with gratitude. I feel that I am present, though my body is thousands of miles away. I feel the generous flow of shakti from my Guru, Gurumayi. I feel that I am one with our universal sangham.

Thank you, with all my heart.

California, USA

My mind had been restless for weeks, and it was difficult for me to meditate. Then two days ago, as I was contemplating what to do for my restless mind, I remembered an image of the snow in Shree Muktananda Ashram. Suddenly, I felt an immense tranquility,as if the snow had covered all the inner noise. Then, very naturally, I stepped into that deep silence.

It is amazing how the shakti helps us through nature!

Madrid, Spain

Ahhh! The December Nature Gallery takes me deep inside my own heart. I look at these photos and feel the mantra arise, like a soft, warm, cozy blanket draped around me, keeping me safe and protected through all the busy bustle of this time of year.

California, USA