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April Nature Gallery I

April Nature Gallery II
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The photos in the Nature Gallery are a refuge for my soul. This morning, the images drew my awareness deeper and deeper inside. I felt the Guru’s presence fill my entire form. The shakti seemed to pierce my heart, and I was so moved that I felt I had no choice but to go and sit for meditation.

Washington, USA

I am currently a visiting sevite in Shree Muktananda Ashram. Walking around Lake Nityananda yesterday, I paused several times to look at the emerging snow crocuses. I typically regard these beautifully colored flowers as the first dependable, tangible sign of spring. Although the winter in the Northeast was harsh and I personally experienced the difficulty of watching several friends and relatives making their life transitions, these crocuses reminded me that new life always emerges, like clockwork, from the depths of winter. No matter what has transpired over the winter, these crocuses are a visual sign of the transcendent aspect of life and the omnipresence of Kundalini Shakti in nature and in us all.

Pennsylvania, USA

Looking at the photos in the Nature Gallery each month has greatly increased my perception and appreciation of nature's divine beauty.

Today, as I sat outside enjoying the mild autumn air, the red and orange leaves, and the yellow wattle blossoms, I felt thankful for God's beauty around me. To express this gratitude, I brought my awareness to my heart and silently said, “Gurumayi, I love you." A strong, achingly-sweet love filled my being and brought tears to my eyes.

My gratitude for God's creation had led me to an experience of love for the Self. Thank you, beloved Gurumayi.

Horsham, Australia

The photos of the foxes, Shri Hanuman, and the myriad, glorious faces of God in nature are an inspirational refuge for me, as I awaken to this day. Receiving nourishment in this divine space, I think of my friends who will also enjoy these photos. Some know of the Siddha Yoga path; many don't yet. I share the link, inviting them to a Nature Gallery, briefly sharing my experience of it. As I do, my heart expands and I swim in love and gratitude for my life, and for all these forms of wealth it contains.
My Guru's grace continually opens my eyes and my heart to God in all.

Nelson, Canada

The photo of the brilliant sun in the orange sky captured my attention and, as I took in this image, I thought of Gurumayi and turned inside for a moment. Then, I became still and felt the pulsation of shakti as a gentle vibration within the stillness.
I’m in awe of the power of immersing myself for a few moments in the Nature Gallery and how this opens me to experience the inner Self.

Massachusetts, USA

Thank you to the photographers who have captured so eloquently these images from nature.

My sense of peace and creativity has flourished just by spending a few moments each day gazing upon these wonders of nature. Everything seems to fall into place just by taking the time to look.

A joyous spring to all!

New York, USA

I am amazed at the power of the Siddha Yoga path website to bring about inner stillness. Whenever I take the time to give my attention to the Nature Gallery, I feel a profound tranquility within myself. The photos compel me to sink into my own heart and experience a quiet mind.

New York, USA

As I eagerly await the return of spring, I was delighted to see the golden daffodils—those resplendent signs of early spring in my part of North America—adorning the statue of Hanuman. They seemed to be bringing a smile to his lips, as they did to mine. And I loved seeing the long line of migrating birds following their invisible pathway above the still-bare branches of the trees below, as another sign of the approaching spring.

The photos make clear, however, that a great deal of snow and even ice still remain all around Shree Muktananda Ashram. And yet, the beauty in that wintry landscape can take my breath away! So instead of regretting how long the winter has remained with many of us, I was inspired by the photos to appreciate how nature in her wintry garb embodies the great virtues of patience and steadfastness, as she too waits for the warming rays of the springtime sun to melt the snow and bring new life to her fields and meadows.

Connecticut, USA

Words are not adequate to describe the inner state these photographs evoke. I feel Gurumayi's hand in all the beautiful things happening on the Siddha Yoga path website—delivered with such devotion and grace by loving sevites. Thank you!

Oakville, Canada

Shubh Hanuman Jayanti! It’s so beautiful to see the image of Lord Hanuman being celebrated during his birthday month. Hanuman, because of his devotion to Lord Rama, reminds me of the bridge that exists between nature, humanity, and the divine. He represents to me how we are interconnected through service.

This image of him shines with his many graceful qualities, offering them as gifts. I see steadiness, ease, and rootedness in his posture, strength of limbs, suppleness of body, love, attentiveness, and sweetness of gaze. I see playfulness in the curve of his tail, protection in his open, out-facing palm, joy in his smile, simplicity, and humility. And I experience peace of mind in his presence.

Thank you so much!

New York, USA

While viewing the April Nature Gallery in the early morning hours from the quiet of my home, I experienced the beauty in nature, reflecting God’s radiance, mirrored in my own heart.

Thank you for this moment, dear Gurumayi.

Massachusetts, USA

The photos, especially the ones with the blue light, seem so unusual and rare. I had to linger with them for a long while. They drew me within, into a state of silence. For me, the Nature Gallery is a means to practice Gurumayi’s Message.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Nasik, India