A Letter from the Siddha Yoga Swamis—May 2015

Celebrating Baba Muktananda’s Life and Teachings

May 1, 2015

Dear Siddha Yogis,


Throughout the month of May, Siddha Yogis around the world are celebrating the 107th anniversary of Baba Muktananda’s birthday and honoring Baba’s life and teachings. Baba was a Siddha Guru, a perfected spiritual master. Baba taught that God, supreme Consciousness, dwells in everyone as their innermost Self, and can be known through the practice of meditation. Through his writings and talks, Baba generously made the knowledge of the Self and the dynamic principles of Siddha Yoga meditation known to seekers everywhere.

In celebration of Baba’s birthday, we will focus on the practice of Siddha Yoga meditation and how it leads one to the knowledge of the Self. In this way we will continue our study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2015:


Through the grace of his Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda, and his commitment to the practice of meditation, Baba was able to know and attain union with the divine Self. With this attainment, Baba perceived the Self in all of creation. He lived in an unwavering state of freedom and joy, which is aptly reflected in his monastic name “Muktananda”—“the bliss of the liberated one.” With great compassion and enthusiasm, Baba traveled the world imparting the Siddha Yoga teachings and awakening seekers to their own divine nature.

Wherever he went, Baba spoke about the glory of the Self. Baba assured everyone he met that they, too, could experience the bliss and freedom of the Self through meditation.

In his book Mukteshwari, Baba writes:

Meditation gives the desired fruit.
It stabilizes the mind
and is the vehicle that carries you
to the city of liberation.
Become immersed in meditation.1

Baba had the ability to elucidate the practice of meditation in the clearest, most accessible ways. He taught that everyone meditates in the course of their daily life, each time they focus their attention on a task. By directing that focus back inside, Baba would explain, one can practice meditation on the Self and experience the source of happiness and joy within.

Baba further explained that the basis of the meditation he taught was the awakening of Kundalini Shakti, the inner spiritual energy. For the first time in history, Baba gave this awakening to thousands of seekers, through the sacred initiation of shaktipat-diksha. With this initiation, people were able to meditate deeply and experience their innermost being.

To support seekers in recognizing the significance of their meditation experiences, Baba taught extensively from the scriptures of India. Baba particularly loved the texts of Kashmir Shaivism. He wrote commentaries and gave talks on texts such as the Shiva Sutras, a series of aphorisms that describe the nature of the Self and how it is realized through meditation. Through his lucid expositions, Baba played a key role in making Kashmir Shaivism known throughout the world.

Today, Baba’s teachings on meditation continue to inspire, and benefit, Siddha Yogis and new seekers. And through the compassionate work of Baba and Gurumayi, the practice of Siddha Yoga meditation is available to all of us, wherever we may live.

As you honor Baba during the month-long celebration of his birthday, study his teachings on meditation. Apply them to your practice of Gurumayi’s Message for 2015. Sit peacefully and meditate on your own Self, which is blissful and ever-free.

Happy Baba’s Birthday!

Warm regards,
The Siddha Yoga Swamis

1 Baba Muktananda, Mukteshwari (South Fallsburg, NY: SYDA Foundation, 1995), p. 139.
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