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Baba Muktananda's Birthday

Baba Muktananda's Birthday Nature Gallery III

Baba Muktananda Birthday- Nature Gallery 2015Baba Muktananda Birthday-Nature-Gallery2 2015
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To see nature so intimately in this Nature Gallery is like seeing the Self manifest as it arises from silence. Baba was like that for me—a direct manifestation of shakti coming from a silence that still resonates through all his teachings—a great gift that reminds me of the Self within.

Thank you, Baba.

Correggio, Italy

The yellow flower petals speak to me in a much more beautiful language than I can express with words. I perceive them through my senses, and hear them say: “I am your soft, golden light.”

California, USA

My inner being breathes in and out calmly as I watch the beautiful slide show. And I feel: “Ah! This is great!”

It is so wonderful to learn from the Galleries how to contemplate nature. When I ride my bike here in Germany, I now become aware of the details in nature and the presence of Kundalini Shakti in all. My heart feels gratitude and joy!

Rosendahl, Germany

This morning, in meditation, I practiced witnessing my thoughts as clouds floating across the sky. I experienced the witness as totally untouched by the thoughts and feelings, just as the sky is not affected by the clouds. My meditation became much deeper as I stayed with the practice.

Then I visited this photo gallery and saw the beautiful pictures of the sky with all the various forms of clouds. No matter how gentle and lovely or dark and threatening the clouds are, the sky remains untouched.

Thank you for helping me to reconnect with focusing on the sky!

Oregon, USA

As I relaxed with the Nature Gallery, I was surprised to see the photo of the little clock. My mind stopped—and only then did I realize it had been wandering, not totally focused on each image. The photos of the clock reminded me to keep returning to the breath, to be present in time, truly alive.

Massachusetts, USA

This morning as I was viewing the exquisite images in the Nature Gallery and all of the beautiful teachings on the Siddha Yoga path website, I experienced an inexhaustible stream of beauty flowing from Gurumayi’s love. In the midst of life's many challenges, the website is a great gift that continually reminds me to stay awake to beauty and to stay open to love. Thank you so much!

Kansas, USA

O Allium flower,
You who knew
letting go
would release an explosion of purple stars
showering your beauty
always present
yet hidden within.
What a most generous act of grace.

Missouri, USA

How much beauty is contained in these pictures of the moment when spring begins to unfold, with all of its attributes.

Contemplating these pictures, I have the darshan of Gurumayi’s love, guiding us towards our goal—the constant awareness of our true nature.

Thank you, Gurumayi. Happy birthday Baba!

Madrid, Spain

The wonderful images of Baba Muktananda's Birthday Nature Gallery filled me with so much joy that I asked myself, "What's happening?" And then I heard a voice within me: “Muktananda, Bliss of Freedom!” Ahh! It's Baba's love, Baba himself in every little detail of nature!
The images with shades of orange felt like the colors of Baba's robes. I could touch and feel his love—this love that sets my heart free and makes it jump with joy.
Happy Birthday, Baba. Thank you, Baba, for your teachings, for your grace, and for your love that pulsates in our hearts.

Pune, India

What a glorious photo of the eagle, king of birds, soaring in a liquid blue sky! Through this image, I'm given a direct experience of Baba: free, joyous, arms spread wide. My heart opens, embracing. And I feel myself embraced.

Happy Birthday, Baba! So much love!

New York, USA