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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2015

Experiencing Baba’s Presence

A Gallery in Honor of
Baba Muktananda’s
Lunar Mahasamadhi 2015

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At the grocery store tonight, I decided to practice seeing God in each person I came across.
I looked at a baby sitting in a shopping cart several aisles down from me, and inwardly I said, "Hello, God." The baby looked up at me with intense dark eyes, as though I had spoken aloud to her, and she grinned a giant grin. I felt a little wave of heat move through my body, and I grinned back. As I moved nearer to the baby, her mom moved in front of her to reach something on a shelf, and the baby was blocked from my view. However, the baby leaned around her mom, grinned at me again and waved.
When I saw Baba’s and Bade Baba's faces in this gallery, I felt the same jolt of recognition of the divine presence as I did with the baby.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the practice of seeing God in each person.

 New York, USA

I have come to recognize that the photo galleries are a form of darshan. The pictures naturally draw me into a state of meditation, and I notice that this state deepens as the slide show continues. I feel recharged and refreshed, and my mind becomes still.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the gift of this website and for all the sadhana tools that you give us.
Thank you, Baba, for your boundless presence.

Massachusetts, USA

Absorbing myself in the images in this gallery, I feel I am part of the endless mystery of beauty—beauty within me and all around me.
As I write this, I hear geese in the sky. I feel they are calling to me, as though they are saying, “Here we are! Where are you?” Such an invitation!
I feel so moved to be part of the whole, the One. I feel very grateful.

Wapse, Netherlands

Today as I was planting and repotting my flowers, I spontaneously started chanting Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya.
I was thoroughly enjoying myself, chanting and working. I continued chanting and then told the saplings that they were receiving Baba's sacred name.
Just afterwards, I saw the website and realized that today is a glorious day—Baba’s Mahasamadhi. Today I experienced Baba’s presence in the beautiful flowers, my spontaneous chanting of his name, as well as all around me and within me.
Thank you, Baba.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

I met Baba in 1976, and when I first saw him, I heard inside myself, "You have now arrived; you don't have to seek anymore." Over almost 40 years these words have proved to be the truth. I have never felt the need to seek anywhere else. I have received everything from the Siddha Yoga path, from my beloved Siddha Gurus.
Baba is a constant presence in every moment of my life. He is the guide, the wisdom, the path.
Thank you, Baba, for everything. I owe everything to you. Because of you my life is peaceful, happy, simple, and rich.

New York, USA

As I viewed the Experiencing Baba's Presence Gallery, I felt that Baba is with me in the form of nature. I too am a part of nature, so I can feel Baba in nature as well as within myself. To experience that, I have to become as calm as Baba is, sitting with his eyes closed, in one image of the gallery.
Thank you, Baba.

Nasik, India