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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2015

Baba's Moon Gallery I

Mahasamadhi Moon Gallery2, 2015
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As my family and I were driving home from a lovely visit to a local farm, we noticed the nearly full rising moon. The moon was large on the horizon in the clear blue sky. Baba’s moon! Remembering the moon gallery, we stopped, and with great excitement my young daughter and I began taking photos.
We were in a part of town we had never been to before, and as we took pictures of the moon amidst the backdrop of fields, birds, barns, and airplanes, I felt myself connect with the land, the sky, and the moon—all from the unique vantage point of that moment in time.
We continued to watch the moon as we drove the rest of the way home, stopping twice more to photograph it as the landscape shifted and evening set in. Through taking photographs for Baba’s moon gallery, I felt a new and deeper connection to the moon.

California, USA

Each evening when I go outside, camera in hand, to search for Baba's radiant moon, I find myself joyfully moving around my yard to locate it. Sometimes I even slowly twirl about looking up at the night sky. When my eyes finally behold it, I feel Baba's love fill my heart and great gratitude arises. As I spend some moments with the moon and photograph it, I feel the innocence and wonder of a small child, totally in the present moment of suspended time and space.
Thank you, Baba! Thank you, Gurumayi!

New York, USA