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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2015

Mahasamadhi Nature Gallery IV

Mahasamadhi Nature Gallery 2015Mahasamadhi Nature Gallery 2, 2015Mahasamadhi Nature Gallery3, 2015
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I was drawn into the tranquility and beauty of one particular photo today. It took several moments before I recognized the vibrant tree I was admiring, and I exclaimed out loud, "Oh! It's an oak tree!"
In preparation for this year's Mahasamadhi Intensive, I took daily japa walks and the autumn colors were phenomenal. One day I noticed with amazement that a brilliantly red tree I enjoyed daily was an oak tree. I am 64, yet it was the first time I had realized: oak leaves turn a vibrant shade of red! This discovery resonated with the sense of newness I felt about the upcoming Shaktipat Intensive. I have attended many Shaktipat Intensives but this year, my heart was especially anticipating it and I wondered, "How new could I become again?"

Nelson, Canada

I love that the galleries—at this time of year in particular—include images of flowers and leaves that are brown and dry, ready to fall and merge back into the earth. It is a great reminder that beauty and wonder are to be found in all the seasons of the year, and, as well, in all the seasons of life, if I make the effort to look.

New York, USA

I am grateful for all these wonderful photos. They bring me closer to nature. I view these nature galleries regularly, because the exquisite beauty portrayed fills my heart and mind.
Like others who have shared, I experience an immediate stillness and quieting down of my mind as I look at the images.

New York, USA

Regular viewing of the Nature Gallery has been rewarding for me.  I have discovered that the inner stillness I experience in these images is evident more and more often in the scenes I see every day in my garden and from the train.

Geelong, Australia

How wonderful is this close-up of the cloth on Bade Baba’s murti!
I saw in the cloth the colors of the sky, the ocean, the earth, and all of nature, and I could also feel a velvety breeze caressing Bade Baba.

The majestic murti cloth also has the colors of the peacock feathers, with which the Guru bestows grace upon devotees. Looking at the colors of the cloth, I feel Bade Baba is all of creation; he is all there is, and therefore, we too are him.
Thank you, Bade Baba, with all my heart, with all my love and infinite gratitude.

Milan, Italy

As I look at each of these photos, I feel transported into stillness.
I am grateful for this experience.

California, USA

When I open the Siddha Yoga path website, I enter another realm. As I look at the images, I feel that Gurumayi is showing me the world as a Siddha sees it—in all its diversity, spontaneity, and glory.
I am reminded of how Baba taught us so many times the value of changing "the prescription of our glasses." With each picture, I feel my heart opening to see and to feel God's beauty in my own daily life.
Thank you, beloved Gurumayi. Thank you again and again and forever!

New York, USA

For me, each Nature Gallery only becomes more exquisite. Playful and majestic, breathtakingly creative and so tender, these pictures remind me of so many aspects of Baba.   
I don't know how each photo achieves its magic. I only know how grateful and nurtured I feel to experience such beauty.

California, USA