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Bhagavan Nityananda Punyatithi 2015

Nityanandam Namamyaham—To Nityananda, I Bow

A Gallery in Honor of Bhagavan Nityananda’s Punyatithi 2015

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Absorbing my attention in these images opens my heart and reminds me how divinely beautiful this world is, and how present God’s love is. I feel called to hone my perception and to pause, even momentarily, amidst my daily activities so that I may perceive the beauty, perfection, and divinity all around me—Bade Baba’s awesome presence.  
Nityanandam Namamyaham!

California, USA

Absolute silence,
Yet in that silence the hum of the shakti tells me I am home.
Thank you, Bade Baba, for this deep stillness, your home.

Canberra, Australia

Looking at Bhagavan Nityananda's form changed my breath. I could feel the breath sink into my chest and torso, and everything became quiet. Bade Baba is so beautiful, shining with ultimate love and grace. I focused on his head and face, and just as when I looked at Baba's beautiful form, I eventually had to close my eyes, become absorbed inside, and merge with the Self.
Thank you.

New Hampshire, USA

With each image I see, I repeat the title of the gallery: "Nityanandam Namamyaham—To Nityananda, I bow." Each image feels like an offering of mental worship to Bade Baba.

Nairobi, Kenya

Deep stillness flowing within
floating, blossoming, nurturing
petal by petal I reach the core
center unfolding
holding pulsating, swirling LOVE.

Pordenone , Italy